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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by VIJAYMAGHNANI, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. any new link to join whatsapp group?
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  3. Hi All,

    Im also planning for Nova scotia Business migration. Can anyone help me out to briefly explain this process?
  4. do you meet all requirements?
  5. I want to learn the process. One of my friends suggested me that, Nova Scotia do not need huge fund.
  6. you can learn all the process period on the immigration website,and if you can meet all the requirements,why you don't go through NB's program
  7. Thanks for the information. Im not aware of the NB program
  8. Yes: My name is Vandira Correa and I'm from Brasil. I woul like to invest in Farm.
    My phone number is 14 981218774.
  9. I received my ITA yesterday. Which Networth verifiers shall I contact ? how much they charge ?

    Someone pls help asap.
  10. Dear Fellows ... just have registered. With interests I noticed this specific thread. Actually I am seeking for general orientation about some basic questions (linked with new start-up business/entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia). In advance I thank you for noticing my request and appreciate your supportive advice.

    About my given sand personal situation (and plans to emigrate to CAN which started as a 1st idea in 2008):

    1. I am native German, male and single. - English is not my native language. As I work in international projects since the midds of 90s at least I can speak and write fluently for "daily life (and living)" and business correspondence.

    2. As profession I graduated as captain for commercial sailing ships in Netherlands, where actually I live to work on traditional sailing vessels (under Dutch flag) for charter / tourism. I am also cultural journalist and media producer / moderator with radio shows since 2006 for educational programs.

    3. I am in different (small) businesses which I run for now as freelancer/self employee. These businesses shall be established newly in CAN (then with employees), as "start ups" in the sectors "education/tourism", "media production" and "health care services".

    4. The Canadian East coast I target at is suitable for me to settle under different aspects. I plan to emigrate to Nova Scotia (around Halifax). This federal state is linked with maritime history and "old Europe" since long, short flight distance to Amsterdam/London/Frankfurt ... and cheap living costs (in comparison with other Canadian Federal states).

    5. I will celebrate in 06/2019 my 55th birthday. (Rec.: I hope this will not be a big hurdle or too late, even make it impossible to apply for Canadian citizenship.)

    I did online my English test successfully. As I stay for now (during summer season) in Netherlands I would thank you for getting orientation about following questions:

    (A) Where to apply for start-up Visa programs (linked with the federal state Nova Scotia) ? - Does it need a personal presence in CAN first, or can all pre-plannings/preparations be done from Europe (via Internet) ?

    (B) Do I need to present a business plan in advance to a Canadian jury which will be proven first before I set a foot onto Canadian ground ? - Is the start-up visa program restricted to specific branches (of industries) ? - Or am I free to establish new businesses in the branches of tourism/education/health care (as described upper under pos. 3.)

    (C) Does it need a minimum investment sum - as own capital - to be accepted as entrepreneur ? - Or can it be financed with "risk capital" (by Canadian private/public investors) ? - Does it need a minimum number of employees (new working places) to be created by the business plan for being funded ?

    (D) Do exist specific funding programs for entrepreneurs who immigrate from Europe ? E.g. Trans-Atlantic collaboration programs between Europe (Germany/Netherlands) and Canada.

    Maybe I have missed some items for now. If you like to give a hint to other aspects, feel free to do so. I appreciate any critics and feedback. Tks in advance.

    Warm regards
    Cpt. JR
    P.S.: No common answers pls. Always refer with your answers to concrete web sources (e.g. links, press articles, studies, videos etc. ...). Don't have the space for time consuming googling to find the relevant sources by myself. - Tks giving attention to.
  11. Hi Cpt. JR,

    Since you mentioned in your questions "start-up visa", "entrepreneur" and "Nova Scotia", I'd like to clarify that when it comes to immigration to Canada, "Start-up visa" and "Nova Scotia entrepreneur" are two different immigration programs:
    - "Start-up visa" is a federal program. You can find information about "Start-up visa" here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/start-visa/about.html
    - "Nova Scotia entrepreneur" is a Provincial Nominee Program administered by Nova Scotia Office of Immigration. You can find information about Nova Scotia entrepreneur program here: https://novascotiaimmigration.com/move-here/entrepreneur/
    I think reading these websites would give answers to most of your above questions and do not hesitate to ask if you come to other questions.
    Good luck!
  12. Tks for routing me forward to the different websites, NSConsultant. Will come back if I'd have more questions about. Have a good week.
    Greetings/Cpt. JR
  13. Am also considering nova Scotia.
  14. Myself from Chandigarh, interested in Business PR category. Personally i have approx. 20 years of business experience and have little net worth to invest. I am open to form a JV, A group, a consortium for our common goal of settlement in Canada as businessman.
    I am ready to buy/acquire a running business in Canada and presently i am exploring Atlantic region of Canada specially Nova scotia
    Share your whatsapp/calling numbers and we can update each other about latest rules, laws, options available and categories suitable for us
    else add me in whatsapp group. My whatsapp no is 917710551800
  15. Hi
    I am same as NSConsult
    I worked offshore for most of my life.
    I am 56 years old now
    Looking to start something and move with my son who is 16 years old
    Let us connect My whatsapp 91 9445440530

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