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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by VIJAYMAGHNANI, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. All guys who have received ITA... Vijay and MWIN... Did you go through a lawyer? If yes which one? I am thinking of starting the process for New Brunswick as it lead to direct PR and not work permit. The lawyers I have been in touch with have quoted in the range of 50000 dollars. Your thoughts?
  2. Hi Adi, I am applying directly without a lawyer. NB is also on my list. With NB we don't need to go through WP but it will take longer until we can land in Canada. What business are you considering in NB?
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    I'd like to explore this idea a bit more so let's discuss what options we can have here.
    If you buy the farm, and let someone work on the farm without you doing anything, then it's obviously you are not Actively Manage the business.
    But if you buy the farm, and sign a contract with farmer/farming company that:
    - They will cultivate crops on the farm for you.
    - They provide you with progress reports.
    - You can visit and have access to the farm and discuss any concern matter with them.
    - They are paid by you (even from the harvested crops 5 years later)
    - You can terminate the contract (under certain conditions of course)
    ...(as many terms and conditions you and your contractor can agree)
    Then you do spend your time for this contract: get progress report, make visits to the farm, take pictures, discuss concerns, signing meeting minutes with the contractor...etc. All these activities mean you Actively Manage the business (to me).
    All other documents need to show, you will have if your business complies with program requirements: you must have an office -> office expenses, invoices from office service providers. You must create at least 1 job -> payslips will be available.
    So to me, we still can Actively Manage a farming business without digging the soil by ourselves. But there are still problem(s) of:
    - Whether NSOI will accept farming as eligible business (I don't see it on in-eligible list, so I guess YES).
    - If yes, do you have education background or experience related to the business and convince NSOI that you can success.
    - Will your BEP be accepted by NSOI (I guess they have their discretion right).
    Your thoughts, pls?
  4. How long will NS work permit take to process? I mean from EOI to actually getting the permit? And can you actually complete all the documentation without any assistance? The BEP etc etc.
    As I understand the in case of NB the process takes 18 months but what you ultimate get is a PR.
    I am open to most viable businesses but my focus is on tourism, hospitality, commercial agri-farming and likes.
  5. NSOI timeline:
    - Looks like they draw EOI for ITA selection every month. You can find info about it here: https://novascotiaimmigration.com/move-here/entrepreneur/
    - From ITA date, you will have 90 days to submit application package without NWV report, and 180 days from ITA date to submit NWV report.
    - NSOI will not process your application even if you submit earlier than your deadline.
    - I heard it takes about 4 months to get support letter for WP. And another 4 months to get WP from Canadian embassy.
    So totally about 14 months. If you can get PR from NB in 18 months, that's very good. Where did you get that estimation from? (I have been told by some agent to expect 24 months).
  6. I've just checked CIC website. It is estimated that CIC alone needs 18 months to issue PR, not including time you need to get nomination from NB. So I guess my agent's estimation is closer.
  7. It is a time range of 18-24 months even for NB but the thing is you are getting a straight PR. So I would think it's worth the wait. Having said that I haven't yet made up my mind about where to apply. The thing is in case of NB and also PEI the province has specified 4-5 lawyers and you must submit your application through them. And all of them charge the same exorbitant amount.
    Do you have idea about the process once you land up in NS with a work permit. Obviously you will have to fulfil all the conditions to be able to apply for PR. But is it easy/ difficult? Uncertainty about this process is what is a concern for me.
  8. Hi All,

    Can I have your contact numbers to create a WhatsApp group?

    Vijay Kumar
  9. You already have mine.
    Can others chip in with their numbers. Alternatively you can send a message on Vijay's number mentioned in earlier posts.
    Since it's just a couple of us active in here a whatsapp group makes sense.
  10. Vijay, I have whatsapped you.
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    The main condition to fulfil is you comply with the Business Performance Agreement (BPA) (form is available at
    I found that the main term of BPA is we must follow the Business Establishment Plan (BEP) which we wrote and submit to NSOI as part of application. So if we make sure we write what we can do then we will be alright, I guess. But the BEP also need to be convincible to NSOI.
    It's safer to apply for NB and PEI because you will get PR straight, but you still risk your (crazy high) fees. For NS, one can use that fee to invest in the business, while it is not mandatory that you must make your business profitable before you can apply for nomination. But you still need to get Audit Opinion and Special Purpose Report from a designated Auditor. I don't know yet how easy/difficult to pass this step. Anyone has or heard experience?
    At the end, it depends if you really want to do business there or only want to "buy the PR".
  12. Hi all,
    I have an ITA from NSOI fpr the entrepreneur program and will be required to do an exploratory visit to look for a business to buy. Does any one know about any firm that I can contact prior to my visit in 2 months to do a search for a good business for me?
  13. Why you interested to buy existing ? why not new business plan...

    You can join our NS Entrepreneur forum for more and quick info...
    Join here https://chat.whatsapp.com/ExFEYfF08Bt1VqbvYA8Cgu
  14. It's easier to grow an existing business with all the infrastructure and customers in place versus starting from the scratch.

  15. I am forwarding this email as a request in great anticipation to obtain the required information to apply as Business Investor applicant to Migrate to Nova Scotia, and wish to visit the province to explore communities and business opportunities for feasibility study which will help to make an informed decision on whether i have the intention and ability to find suitable business premises and settle with my family in Nova Scotia as permanent residents.

    I am Living permanently in Northern Part of India with my family and running my business of supply of building material and paint, I am well enough to invest 5,00,000 .to 10,00,000 Canadian $. I am looking for an advice how to pursue with and wish to have a chance to travel Nova Scotia before i start with my exploratory visit.

    I would be grateful if you could help me by providing complete information so that i can contact the concerned department.
    With best regards

    A.P. Singh

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