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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by VIJAYMAGHNANI, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. There is a point here in the app guide of NS that states

    Audit Opinion and Special Purpose Report are to be given by the designated auditors, that states
    'The financial viability and sustainability of the business discussing any relevant issues affecting the business’ ability to continue in the near future as a going concern'
    Recommendations for the business to improve its viability and sustainability

    A determination of any issues, challenges or concerns pertaining to auditing the financial statements;

    A business review which may for example include but not be limited to:market analysis, product analysis,competitive analysis,and financial analysis
    etc etc.

    Thats why I am asking these questions. They may not provide us a nomination, so merely investing and running for an year or so and asking them for nomination may not guarantee.

    please shed your thoughts.
  2. It's not OPEN work permit! It's CONDITIONAL WP.
  3. Are you sure.? Do you know it from any previously applied applicant.

    Because, conditional permit states employer also, but there is no employer here, we have to start and then put a name for it, then only we can have a name on the conditional permit. May be it has other conditions also.

    We need to find out its an important point to consider i guess.
  4. Hi New to this forum. I am also interested in applying for a business permit for Nova Scotia. Any tips on how to proceed with this.
    Also have one question: apart from net worth do the funds that are to be invested need to be in the bank for minimum 6 months also.

    Any help from the experts here will be appreciated.
  5. You can proceed by checking information on this link https://novascotiaimmigration.com/move-here/entrepreneur/ and submit your EOI.
    There is no requirement that the investment fund must be in the bank for 6 months. But your net worth and your liquid fund will need to be verified by a net worth verification service designated by NSOI.
    For NS entrepreneur stream, the most important things are:
    - Having enough points to get ITA. It has been as low as 91 and as high as 123. How many points have you got?
    - Net worth verification: do you have enough verifiable fund?
    - Business plan: as a newcomer, how to minimize your lost during starting up period and make sure your business can survive for the first several years until you get your PR.
    I have business contacts in NS who are willing to work with entrepreneurs through this process and make sure your goal can be achieved. Feel free to PM me if you want to explore the opportunities.
  6. My visit visa is under process since 44 days from Delhi and I am suppose to appeare in an interview at NSOI for entrepreneur stream within stipulated 60 days time frame..Do you have any idea how lenient NSOI is in extending time beyond the given 60days time if my visit visa is further delayed. Does NSOI considers delay in visit visa as its beyond candidates control?
  7. Did you ask your case officer at NSOI? If my memory works, I remember I did ask this question to NSOI and their answer is positive. But you should send your case officer at NSOI an email to get answer.
  8. Many thanks for your response. I have already provided my visa application details to immigration officer and expressed my intention to inform him as visa aproved.
  9. Hi, guys~
    Does anyone getting through the interview of NS entrepreneur program? What kind of questions will be asked?
  10. I got invitation letter for interview last month, now waiting for my Visa
  11. It says you cant join the chat as the link is revoked
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    Hi Guys,
    I am new to this forum interested to Immigrate to NS with entepenure scheme please add me to wattsapp group my contact no. +97433417374

    and also please share any success stories.
  13. yes, It's done...took 4 months
  14. Congratulation! Care to share your story of BEP approval process?
  15. i believe NB is closed now

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