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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by VIJAYMAGHNANI, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Hi All,

    I have attended a seminar in Hilton Hotel last week which was organized by North 45 Haskap from Nova Scotia together with immigration consultants.

    They propose below scheme for business immigration

    1- Buy a 5 Acre agriculture land from us with cost of CAD 55,000 per acre & lend to us to grow Haskap on this , Haskap is honey berry in very good demand.
    2- The berries will grow from 2nd year onward and ready for sale in 3rd year.
    3- 1st Year - No profit (Growing Phase) 2nd Year - nominal profit 3rd year onward profit min 20% of investment

    The cost has included all the material, employees, fertilization for 1st 3 years.

    You have option to sell your investment to any party from 2nd year onward.

    Do you think this is right path to immigrate nova scotia under business stream....
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  2. Hi

    1. Probably not going to lead to PR as under the business stream you have to actively manage
    2. Haskap berries take 5 years to mature, so I doubt you will see any sales before then.
    3. Another company is selling 10 acres for $400K for Haskap
  3. Thank you PMM, Can you suggest any other confirm way for this stream, I am looking for an 100% sure business just for immigration purpose even if I don't earn and sell back this business after getting my PR , I will be happy to invest at 0% return .

    Any one has done it before
  4. check the quebec investor category
  5. No I don't want to migrate quebec, only to Nova Scotia or ontario ....
  6. My intention is the same as yours. Am also looking at viable entrepreneur opportunities to support my PR application. Am also not averse to running the business.
    Any success in finding
  7. Hi Adi, Nope I didn't get any good proposal yet, I am still looking for any investment scheme which can help for my PR Application.

    Lets network here and find more people to help each others..

    my contacts below

    Vijay Kumar
    Cellphone: +60166288342 (Malaysia)
  8. Anyone else considering Nova Scotia Business immigration , please leave your contact number so that we can form a whatsapp group.
  9. Hey
    I am based in India. It'll be good if we can share information so that all can gain from individual efforts. Yes let's form a group.
    Please do share the experiences
  10. Hi, I have received ITA from NSOI and am working on my BEP. Let's share experiences!
    Anyone here have any idea how much an Audit Opinion and Special Purpose Report will cost when we request for nomination?
  11. I also got ITA but I just submitted explaining a dummu BEP , I m looking for some good idea to invest or just use as immigration purpose

    Whats your BEP ? Lets share & help each others

    Vijay Kumar
    Contact : +601-66288342
  12. Hi Vijay, pls add me to whatsapp group. Thanks!
    I am still working on BEP. Initially in EOI it's a simple trading business but I am exploring more ideas now. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  13. Hey Hi, We don't have any WhatsApp group yet.

    You may create one and add me too...

    Anyone else wish to join Whatsapp group for (NSNP-Business), Please leave your cellphone number here...

    Vijay Kumar
    Contact : +601-66288342
  14. Hi PMM, your point about actively manage is interesting and I wonder how detailly NSOI would expect the entrepreneurs to manage their business. Obviously no entrepreneur can do everything by him/herself and need to hire people to work for them. So if Vijay buys the farm and hires another company to do farm works for him, and manage the company based on the contract terms, rather on the daily farm work activities, can it be consider "actively manage" ?
  15. The Actively Manage means you have to be part of day to day activities particularly decision making & direction, If you go through business agreement document (Last step before you get your work permit), it mention what documents you need to show at the end of 1 year in order to apply for your PR , this list include Payslip, your company bank statements, invoices from suppliers, invoices to customers, office expanses...these documents I can not get when I appoint someone to act on my behalf to cultivate on my land...

    I am still looking for another option to invest required CAD 150,000 in order to be able to apply for PR after 1 years, My intention is business for PR purpose only, even if it does not earn anything for whole year...

    Lets share & help each other..
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