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NOI Alberta

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Benbou012, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. I was just about to post the same thing... Got the same message...
  2. Please did any receive NOI for 1241 with and their experience is from 6-10yrs ago?
  3. Hi, I believe as long as you have sufficient work experience within the last ten years that is relevant to a province's labour needs..... and have the minimum crs cut off for a province... You can receive NOI
  4. Thank you. CRS is 369

  5. MAY DAY!

    Please i need advice on this:

    My brother and wife wants to apply for EE/PNP. So with their age, CRS is 391 with spouse accompanying, but unaccompanied is 409. Now they are hoping on NOI from Alberta because of NOC of the PA... but I have observed that Alberta often give NOI to those with CRS 400 and above, despite the fact that they wrote 300 on their website. But just to increase their chances, he wants to apply unaccompanied, then hopefully when given NOI ,then Nomination, the point will increase with 600. Now the question is, can he still change the unaccompanied spouse to accompanying before ITA?
  6. Above 400 still doesn't assure that. Also are you from Alberta because below 400 they generally invite people with ties with Alberta
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  7. I don't think so, all the people I know that got NOI from Alberta never had any Tie except for their NOC
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    Above 400 it's surely for the NOC but if u are below 400 they see if you have any ties like work, study, relative. Also they don't have any prefered NOC list like SNIP so u never know which NOC is in demand. But they surely even invite below 400 with no ties as well.

    Also am not talking abt the ties people receiving NOI have among themselves. I am talking about the ties the NOI receiving candidate have with Alberta like work, study or relative
  9. Correspondence
    Subject Date sent Date read

    I got the got the Nomination and Points in Express Entry profile today.
  10. Congrats and good luck! Thanks for sharing! Could you please tell me if you received any other communication from AINP after the File Number? Thanks!
  11. Hi,

    I have received Provincial/Territorial Interest letter from Alberta on May 2nd 2019 and I have sent all the required documents which they have received on May 30th 2019 as per the acknowledgement from DHL.
    Till date I haven't received any email or AINP file number from them.

    Going through the messages and being Positive, I see the file number coming very shortly.

    In the meanwhile, is there any contact number of Ainp where we can contact them and enquire?

    Thanks and regards,
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  12. No, you can't.
    All you can do is wait.
  13. Try to email them regarding this they r really helpful
  14. Ok. Will surely email them. Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi Raviraj, you might want to check this link https://www.alberta.ca/contact.cfm

    Yes it only took several days for some, but the current trend shows that applicants have been waiting for a month or two, even almost three. Stay positive :)

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