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NOI Alberta

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Benbou012, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Hey everybody
    Any one can advise about that

    · have
    received a Notification of Interest (NOI) letter from Alberta, please note that the AINP will review your NOI letter and advise you on next steps. Candidates will be contacted directly by the AINP and must receive an invitation to apply before they are able to submit an application under the Alberta Express Entry Stream. Note: Receiving a NOI letter is not a guarantee that you will be nominated by Alberta. You will first have to satisfy Alberta that you meet the requirements under the Alberta Express Entry Stream.
  2. How can I directly contact Alberta after receiving NOI? Is it through email or phone? What will they say after contacting them?
  3. By email u must join your NOI and your profile entry express
  4. Hi, I got a NOI yesterday. I have sent my express entry profile number to them via email. I have received that same automated message , I guess I have to wait on Monday for a confirmation. What stream have they put you in?
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  5. Hi can you tell me your NOC and crs score
  6. NOC B 7245 7246
    3yrs work experience in AB
    2 yr Diploma in AB
    Crs 426
  7. I replied
  8. Yes, thnkst
  9. Hey
    Congress for noi, did you receive reply from ainp or not yet?
  10. Yes and I am preparing my docs.
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  11. Congratulations how many time did u wait to get an answer from them
  12. I got Noi last Friday, sent reply the same day and got confirmation email on Monday.
  13. Ok but did u get your 600points or not yet
  14. I received NOI letter on Friday ,I replied with my EE number and they replied on Monday confirming the letter . I am allowed to apply under Alberta Express Entry Stream, I am preparing my docs to mail to next week. My question is how long does the decision take?
  15. I don’t know that but they said it’s take three weeks if all things are okay

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