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New passport requested by cic

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Desaiz, Aug 25, 2018.

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    You should be celebrating and packing your bags after reading the MP's email.... but instead you're stressing/worrying/fretting instead :p

    Agent does not mean travel agents. 'Agent' means a visa staff in NDVO.

    My guess is you will get your passport back before the end of this week
  2. Lol passport is dispatched today from NDVO but cic server is down so not able to see if they have stamped it or not.

    I’ll let you know what the outcome is. You are to be thanked for all the support all throughout. I owe you a big time.
  3. OMG. Not again. Please give yourself a solid bashing because you worry tooo2222 much unnecessarily :p :p

    Of course, your TRV has been stamped. Your passport is on it's way back to you right now. Did I not say earlier today that you will get your passport back before the end of this week? And, no, no agent told me this LOL.

    Blue Dart will delivery your passport tomorrow before/around noon tomorrow. Don't go out anywhere. Stay at home until you get it :D
  4. My status changed to approval today.

    I know I worry too much:p

    Thanks Bryanna.
  5. Thank god you are not on my place otherwise we dont know what you to do @Bryanna :D
  6. Why is CIC taking so long on July applicants, I have still not received my visa, does anyone here knws the best way to go by, I mean to reach out to them?? Because I have sent them web form, sent email, don't know what to do again... I'm rilly nervous...
  7. Same here man
  8. Das rilly odd... Dnt knw what to do.. Iv sent them email again, to know the status of it.. Seems others who applied ok 31st is receiving theirs so why ours are still under process...
  9. Hope the delay is for positive result
  10. For sure bro... Amen.. That's what I am. Expecting and I know it's definitely a positive result outcome...

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