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New passport requested by cic

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Desaiz, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. So this is what I’m planning to send with my passport as I really don’t want to risk it this time:

    Both my passports,
    Request letter to expedite the process,
    Interview scheduled evidence,
    My work permit copy

    Will this work?
  2. Perfect :)
  3. Also Bryanna,

    The interview that is scheduled is not from a well established company. It’s oke of my friend’s uncle’s company that only has one employee and he wants me to do marketing for this company. Will it work?
  4. Not too sure if you should be sending evidence of an interview with this company with your request to IRCC
  5. I’m thinking of just sending both my passports, the new passport request letter and PPR as my final decision says approved.

    I’ll try it like this. Honestly, I’m too scared of CIC now. When you think everything is fine they give you another shock.
  6. As the final decision says approved, there's no need to send anything about the interview.

    You'll be fine. Don't worry
  7. In final decision it says- Your application was approved you need to send a valid passport. And it also says additional documents required.

    I hope the process will be swift from here.

    And Bryanna thanks for all the help. I really wish I could reciprocate this in anyway.
  8. Additional documents refers to the new passport.

    You can expect your passport back in about a week.

    You're most welcome :)
  9. Bryanna in my work permit my old passport number is given. Will it be a problem? Because visa will be stamped on the new passport.
  10. @Bryanna

    Submitted my new passport to VFS mumbai on 10 September and reached NDVO on 11 september. Ideally it should have been stamped today. But it’s still not.

    My landlady called me and told me if I don’t show up end of this month she will have to remove my stuff from my apartment as she has already rented it to someone else. I have my laptop, jewelry, important documents and clothes back there. I don’t have any family in Canada whom I can ask to collect my belongings. NDVO just doesn’t seem to understand inspite of sending emails. Can I request back my passport and travel to the US since I have a US visa and then travel by car and show my work permit at the border and explain them everything? I can’t let go off my belongings. My mother has given me most of her jewelry as an asset.
  11. You stress too much and too often, Young Lady :)

    Okay. Let's pretend the visa office was waiting patiently for you to get your new passport (okay, we know they weren't exactly waiting for your passport LOL).... so it's only fair to give them a few days to make a final decision + another couple of days after that to stamp the visa.

    Normally it could take about 7-10 days for visa stamping + passport transmission.

    Now let's be practical. Your visa will be stamped by the Bangalore VO, not NDVO. I think both VFS and the visa office will be closed at least for one day for the Ganesh festival. So, IMO, the earliest you can expect your passport is next week.

    I have a pretty good feeling that you will return before the end of the month. Don't panic.

    You're not visa-exempt. You need a TRV to enter
  12. Lol I know I do. I’ve stayed away for 3 months now. It’s giving me stress everyday.

    My passport is gone to NDVO saw it on the VFS tracker. I’m just worried because some who applied with me got his passport stamped and will get his passport tomorrow since it’s already dispatched from the visa office. I don’t know why is this happening with me.
  13. Relax. Enjoy the Ganesh festival while you can :)
  14. Thanks Bryanna. Wish you the same. And I honestly wish the best for you, you’ve been so helpful.

    Your advices gives me a new hope everyday.
  15. @Bryanna,

    I received an email from the MP’s office in Canada (the area in which I have a rented apartment in Canada) and this is the reply I received:

    After making an enquiry on your behalf with IRCC, this is the information an agent has shared with me:

    • Passport was received on September 12
    • Visa is in queue for printing. There is no time frame to receive your passport back. It depends on the volume of applications in the Visa Office. New Delhi is a busy office
    • No need to worry: TRV has been approved and nothing will change that. IRCC won’t request any further documents regarding the TRV application
    • If you want to expedite case, you would have to provide valid reasons and evidence, like for example, landlady’s letter threatening you with eviction, a job interview, etc. This office can send the documents on your behalf
    • This office can follow up in two weeks

    I hope you find this information useful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me back. If you have not received your passport by Thursday, September 27, please let me know thus I can follow up on your behalf.

    But my question is there aren’t any agents in NDVO. And how can an agent in Canada provide them with this information?

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