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New passport requested by cic

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Desaiz, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. How many days it takes to get back the passport at vfs Jalandhar from Canada Delhi embassy? Any idea to anyone
  2. After a decision has been made: A couple of days
  3. I sent for stamping .
  4. :DImpossible
  5. Called VFS Delhi today and they say that Canada High commission hasn’t given my passport to them. Also got a call from Canada high commission today morning saying they have sent my passport to VFS. Don’t know what to do. Will wait for 2 days and then file a complaint for passport lost.
  6. Did you call VFS Delhi on a direct Delhi number i.e. a number that has an area code 011..... or did you call the VFS Toll-free number i.e. a 1800 number?

    You will be messing your TRV situation big time if you file this false complaint that you have lost your passport
  7. Hey Bryanna,

    Finally passport dispatched from the embassy.

    Also, I said lost because I got a call from the embassy at 8:20 in the morning saying they sent the passport to vfs and if vfs does not receive it then it’s lost that’s why I said the passport is lost. But it’s comikg tomorrow.
  8. Patience. Patience. And more patience is a virtue that can truly help someone in Life (not just for this matter) :)
  9. Bryanna one last question. My photo is faded on my passport can I give it in tatkal? Also when I get my new passport do I have to give the new passport only or both the passports (the damaged one+new one)
  10. And Bryanna a big thanks to you. You’ve really helped a lot can’t thankyou enough.
  11. You do not need to take any photographs with you for your Tatkal appointment. The passport authorities at the PSK will take your photographs and biometrics.

    You can submit both passports to VFS Delhi. You must email + send a web form (to NDVO) for the new passport details
  12. There is a section of replacement document asking for my passport details in my cic account. So I think I’ll just submit my details there and send a web form and email as well.

    I’ll submit the passport to vfs Mumbai as I reside in Mumbai and they will forward it to the embassy.
  13. Perfect :)
  14. Hi Bryanna,

    I have a question. I have received my new passport and I’m about to send it to VFS for its final pressing at the embassy.

    If I send the passport now shall I expect it to be stamped and returned back? I actually have an interview with a company in Canada on 20th September. What will the process be now? Do I have to wait for more 2 months?
  15. First, do scan the bio pages in your new passport and upload them through the web form.

    Next, do submit both passports with the evidence of your scheduled interview + a letter to request NDVO to give an expedited decision

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