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new OHIP registeration but dont have Residency address....!!!!

Discussion in 'Health' started by Yorker13, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Yorker13...welcome to Canada. Those "requirements" are there for a reason and have to be followed by all. Leave your third world attitude at the border and start acting like a civilized person.


  3. Finally, you started to grow a brain and speak like a human,....ironically i have to say u r right,paying taxes is not one of the requirements to get OHIP or other provincial benifits,however u the one who brought up the issue of paying taxes as a resident and OHIP requirement for new immigrants...like they dont have to pay taxes as u whether their income was made in or out of Canada,we all have to pay back to in order to enjoy those provincial benefits...so next time you speak with a FSW immigrant (not a REFUGEE ),dont try to act like ....we owe u something.

    again I am so thrilled you decided to switch on whats between ur ears,...magically,u r right again about there is a three month waiting period before i become eligible to get the OHIP,however and what I forget to mention is that my family will STAY and I will only return back , what other PROOF OF RESIDENCY other than what is listen on OHIP website we can show.

    Note: please dont forget to pass ur email,so I can forward you our world income tax for the next year as well.

  4. look whose talking....the jabati barata eater ...and when did u become royal more than the queen.....!..somehow the only ants I saw when I go to indian restaurants......
  5. When you live in Ontario, you pay provincial taxes on top of Federal taxes. When you don't live here, you don't. My young son would understand this distinction but it seems to continue to elude you.

    So why did you start the thread by asking about OHIP for yourself? You are sad and pathetic.

    As for FSW vs. Refugee immigrants, I don't really differentiate. What I care more about is whether the person intends to live here and make Canada a better place, or whether they show up with some sense of entitlement whereby they think Canadian rules shouldn't, or don't, apply to them. you obviously fall in the latter bucket.

    I have PM's you my email address and contact details.

    BE AWARE - it wnt be longer before abuse of system is reported..

    dont just throw words here...

    hope u understood wt i meant

  7. Your son would have been ashamed of you,if you keep digressing from subject to subject...what federal or provincial taxes have to do with all of this!!!!.....the issue of taxes is not related to OHIP new applicants...geezer,you were afraid on ur 2 cents and I told u that u r not the only one who pays his/her taxes,we all do or will do.

    I already realized that u r short on grey cells in between ur ears and have difficulties in communication with others but now I came to know u are socially retarded as well,how cant you differtiate between a refugee( with all respect to their feelings) and FSW, as an FSW i decided to come to Canada,and in return Canada selected us based on our merits,easo its like a 2 way street....unlike ur small and selfish mentality ,if u have something with the immigration rules...i believe Canada is a democratic country...u should take ur discriminating ideas on public and try to change the rules in ur favor,but dont try to impose ur sick ideas on new immigrants and classifies them them as coming from a third world or being a refugee or even who and who doestn pay taxes....!!!....in fact if u think u r a civilised person u would have acted totally different...and you should had enlightened others about the rules,policies as well as penalties ,its not like the system is so fragile and u r there to protect it,try to tame urself before jumping on others and thoughing up ur accusations.

    the email is wrong geezer...!!
  8. OHIP is primarily funded by taxes from the residents of Ontario. Therefore, it is reserved for residents of Ontario (i.e., taxpayers of Ontario). If you still don't understand, then I give up...I just can not make it any simpler.

    You don't...come back again and speak to me when you actually have paid some taxes.

    In Canada, we don't differentiate between people based on economic or demographic backgrounds. We do, however, tend to group people by their level of competence and intelligence, which I'm afraid does not bode well for you.

    The email address works...it's your mind that doesn't.
  9. Torontosm,

    I will have to flush you now ,and in a civilize way as you mentioned end it here so I outght to say that it wasnt a pleasure talking to u,and wish not to see u around.

    better do something usefull in this beautiful rainy weather outside than,talking to a nut case.

    au revoir
  10. Bye troll
  11. Beside all this heated debate, I am intended to live in Toronto for more than 3 months or so but what will I do during these three months if fallen sick?

    Do I have to buy private medical insurance, I assume its very costly!

  12. Just get something like a travel insurance, it is not very costly. It will cover you for emergencies and accidents for the 3 months and you should be fine.
  13. I suggest you purchase medical insurance when traveling to Canada or waiting for OHIP to be approved, otherwise you will have to pay all medical expenses personally.
  14. Hope you are not living in Canada!!
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    Its a good question but seems a little bit tough to answer. However arguing without pointing any valid answers is an easy way.
    According to my perspective view- " You cannot apply now without valid poof of residence, but In order to get any, the shortest time for- bank statement - 1 month as you said, or else get a G1 license in short time (not recommended for your case) or produce a rental agreement. Mostly by 3 month after landing, everyone will find any valid proof of residence to produce. Apart from this 3 months, there is a waiting period of another 3 month for OHIP card. So total 6 months would be the max time period in worst case in my suggestion. So better be ready with any Private insurance for the said period."
    Roshan, India.

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