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new OHIP registeration but dont have Residency address....!!!!

Discussion in 'Health' started by Yorker13, Jun 5, 2013.

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    I plan to permanently move to Toronto in April 2019. Already booked a 1 BHK basement via AirBnb for 3 months.

    - Will the AirBnb be considered as a valid residency contract?
    - Since the Airbnb is only for 3 months, I preferred to give a friends address as the delivery address of OHIP card?
    - It have been been about 2.5 years since my soft landing, would my SIN still be active? Is there a way to verify?
  4. Well, you'd have to prove you have an address here to get the OHIP card as it kicks in only after 3 months of your arrival in Ontario. The easiest way to do this is to get a Driver's License in Ontario (G1).

    SIN should still be active.
  5. Yes, your SIN should be active. You can check in with any Service Canada office to confirm that. As for OHIP, if you are travelling from outside Canada you will most likely have to wait 3 months following the date you arrive in Ontario before your OHIP is activated. During this time you can choose to get a private insurance policy to cover medical emergency treatment since OHIP will not retroactively cover any medical costs incurred during the 3-months waiting period.

    You can check private insurance options here - Private Medical Insurance
  6. You actually should wait until you lease a permanent home and bring your lease in. No matter when you apply for OHIP during those 3 months it will start on the same date. You'll need to bring proof of when you entered Canada in so they can figure out the start date in 3 months. Your current address is what is important to have on your OHIP card in case of emergency. You are basically wasting your time and government money if you file for ohip using your airbnb address when your address will likely be invalid when you are able to use it.
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    Can't say that I will lease an apartment until I get a Job and living without medical coverage is dangerous. Maybe I will extend AirBnb, if required.

    Does the OHIP card arrive via mail? If yes, any idea how long?
  8. Then at least wait until 2.5 months to apply so you may have a permanent address in the works. There is no point applying for a health card right away because no matter when you apply in the first 3 months the start date will be the same. May a two weeks or perhaps a bit more to receive by mail but you'll get a piece of paper which is your temporary card.
  9. Hi All,
    My lease is only on my name and not on my wife's name. Will I be able to use that for her as well as a residence proof. She is not working and we dont have any of the other document to prove her residency here. please advise.
  10. Is up to service Ontario. Would be helpful to show mail to your wife with her address. She could be added to various bills.
  11. Hi AmB20,
    From which university did you completed your PG Diploma?
  12. YES, I live in Canada,

    whats on ur mind?

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