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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by toffboss, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Nothing coming out of Manila yet, I don't see anyone getting PPR's from Manila on this forum. Hm, I wonder if it's because of the upcoming elections in Canada and they have slowed things down, only time will tell but we just need to be patient... HT you don't have a representative, correct?
  2. We don't have Representative Stephan, my Husband do all the stuff. from gathering our docs etc. DIY
  3. Hi Stephan, Are you talking about 1 physician specifically in Cebu or the whole system there? We are planning to do the medical in Cebu but if it seems to be a common problem there we could go to MNL, we are half way between the two places. Haven't heard the same problem from people on here about MNL, have you?

  4. I'm starting to think that if you have a paid representative the application processes faster. That is my gut feeling, CIC website says not but I have my doubts.
  5. Are you also on DIY? I believe it is case to case basis. Stephan, I am hoping and praying that all of us here will get good news soon ,.
  6. how I wish we can have any idea on what's going on to our application. or on what stage are we already and how long does it takes to have it approve. but we don't have a power to know all those things, all we have to do is just wait and pray that everything will be alright, :( . have more patience on this matter.
  7. From our what we have seen it doesn't seem that way, seems more often than not there is a lack of communication from the Rep and most of them are fly by night kind of operations. Many people we have talked to have really felt it was a waste of money.
  8. Professional Fee

    P 50,000.00

    Courier Fee

    P 3,000.00

    Sponsorship Fee

    Principal Applicant Fee

    Right of PR Fee

    Dependent Child Fee


    75.00 CAD

    475.00 CAD

    490.00 CAD

    0.00 CAD

    1,040.00 CAD or P36,400

    Medical Fee (applicant)

    P 8,000.00

    Total (Approx)

    P97,400.00 or $2782 CAD

    That's the quotation that I ask from a rep last time . No way Jose we will pay for that price. When we can do DIY. If it's sure that's 100% easy approved why not right?. . Just my opinion. Lol
  9. In Cebu the whole clinic has issues, just do a review search on it on Facebook and you will see a common theme of complaints. As long as you follow up you can get it processed fast. The whole system is set up to milk as many pesos from applications as possible because they know you are at the mercy of them passing you.
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  10. That's very cheap, we have people we know who paid as low as 100,000 php and as high as 140,000 php for the consultant and then the other fees on top. Most of these guys don't even have a clue what they are doing and half the time they give bad advice causing more delays and if you have a rep you can't even access you gckey or control your application. Better DIY.
  11. Well that quotation was way back 2017, and the medical fee now is higher. . So mostly they also increase by now. . Lol .
  12. We paid 13 500 for medical fee.
  13. Omg, no, stephan, I wouldn't take advantage of my countrymen who are eager to k
    Omg, that's sad news. Why is that there are lots of people who are greedy to think that they are all from same country.. Anyway I know there are still lots of Pilipinos who are good stephan.. And I hope and pray we will get PPR soon. It's hard being far from ourour loveones.
  14. We also paid 13500.

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