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New Delhi (NDVO) 2018 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by spicysank, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. My application got returned due to some missing forms then i resend it on feb 4
  2. I got an email from cic for AOR with a doc..
    it says
    "For your application, we have identified that there are documents which are missing and we will request. Please take the time to link your application so that we can quickly and efficiently ask for the documents, and you can quickly and efficiently submit them digitally. If you have not linked your application to an online account within 7 calendar days, we will send you an email to which you will be asked to respond via regular mail. This will introduce delays into the processing of your application."
    I didn't get that part underlined. Did they meant Schedule A and PCC by missing docs?
  3. Yes, that is confusing a little bit but the missing document is Schedule A and PCC. Have it ready so once u will link your application they will ask for both documents within 2 weeks. You will receive the email regarding it.
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  4. Does anyone have an idea's about once medical is successfully updated on CIC., How long will it take from there?
  5. Thank you.
  6. Looking at last year another 8-10 months. :(
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  7. Thank you, Hope it will be quicker than that. o_O
  8. Yeah!! :confused:
  9. Same here buddy!!

    I think its a standard letter!!

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  10. @Akhurmi
    Any update buddy? Still see you are waiting for AOR 1 from the spreadsheet?
  11. Good to know...

    ""Hey guys,

    I need some help. I originally linked my spouse's Application (PA's) to her GCKEY account and the today out of my mind i tried to link it to my (Sponsor's) GCKEY and it linked but it says Pending Registration in Details. so I am freaking out I mean am I in trouble for this?
    Because I think someone was saying it only should link to PA's Gckey (which shows Pending Registration for now)..
    Any Idea what is going on here? ""
    and about this post on JAN/2018 thread. I think everything is good it took me while to link it back to PA's Gckey account as I cant to it until App. detail shows "Submitted" from "Pending Registration".

    Any news for Sch A and PCC for you. I show you on spreadsheet that you got Med req.
  12. I think its because you are trying to link one application to 2 accounts. Maybe if you revoke PA's GCKey you'd be able to link.

    I dont think its an issue. Just call the tech centre and speak to them.

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  13. @rsmathew

    Hey buddy did you receive the SA letter at home through regular mail?
  14. Yes, SA was sent through regular mail.
  15. How long did it take for you to receive the letter after your ECAS changed to decision made ?

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