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NBPNP: New Brunswick Skilled Workers Express Entry Category: Network Here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sanjeev31aug, May 21, 2015.

  1. So, what happened to #'s 574, 576, 578-585 and 587-599?
  2. At least you have 15 days ahead of me.. My AOR date is Sept 13th.. Be patient
  3. That does mean that you guys just wasting a time asking what AOR number is someone. They are processing first the person who has biggest motivation to stay in the province. My AOR is 7xxx and I got a request for additional documents last week. So I am in category one, I have a bigger motivation to stay in this province so I will be ahead of someone who has been only on info session. This system is not FIFO!
  4. If you do not have family connection and cannot be priority 1, how do you justify your motivation to stay in the province?

  5. Priority 1 are following:
    1. previous studies in NB
    2. Family in NB
    3. Job offer in NB
    4. French speaker

    Priority 2:
    Attended information session during last 2 years

    Priority 3:
    Certain professions (there was previously stop on this stream, but currently previous version is active again, so this is not clear).
  6. You cannot, they are taking a risk with everyone from info session, that's why wait time is longer for you guys. You have to understand that for example I am in NB over 3 years, I have graduated from College in NB, I invested over $50 000 in last 3 years in this province, plus my family who lives here invested in this province a lot, on top of that I have a job here so I am paying taxes here. I know that maybe doesn't sound so nice but a person like I am should have an advantage over someone who just went on info session. Which again doesn't mean that I will get a nomination. This is a game that we took it.
  7. The information comes from people that actually attended past webinars, and asked the very same question: is this session valid for provincial nomination??? And the answer was no.

    Eventhough the content presented seems to be pretty much the same as the one presented during the IRL info sessions, these do not grant you with one of the pre-requirements asked by the New Brunswick immigration department, which is, attending, in person, to one of the sessions THEY are presenting, in various cities around the world. These webinars are merely informative, as a means to presente different places in Canada, and are an initiative of the canadian embassy in France, not the provinces itself.

    There are also informative sessions on living and working on Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba em BC. But those are just that, informative sessions.

    I don't mean to kill people's "dream" to be nominated by NB, but we need to be realistic here. Those are no good for and ITA from NB.
  8. I believe priority 3 is only for IT professional right ?
  9. Yes, The priority 3 is for IT, however this is closed at the moment (exept of direct job offer which can put you to the priority 1).
  10. Thank you
  11. well described..Thank you. how do we know about the next NB information session ? I checked the website but it doesn't say anything ..any idea
  12. good to know
  13. How anybody can know, how many nominations are granted everyday? I think, it is not possible.
  14. I guess it is an estimation, they are counting what people are declaring in forums. I might be wrong, it's just me guessing
  15. Hello All,

    I was just going through the previous posts on here, someone posted in their reply that NB immigration has stopped accepting EOI from last 3 months. Is that true? just curious if anyone have received ITA recently. I submitted mine on Sep 23 which is last week. I am working in NB under NOC B 2282 and have over 3+ of Canadian exp under same NOC code.

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