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Nbi letter of explanation

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Loops30, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Good day..may i ask po how to print annex form in 1page? I tried but its coming 2 pages from the email that they sent me..Thank you in advance :)
  2. Hi pwede po bng malaman pano kumuha ng clearance letter fro NBibif rrmarks eh no criminal records.tnx
  3. Hi pwede ko po bng malaman pani mo magrequest ng clearance letter sa NBI...tnx
  4. print out the email fr cic requesting that docs..then go to your nearest nbi office and request the ff docs or they maybe ask u to go to main office

  5. Hi Cathy,

    I just want to ask how can i have an email from CIC? Do yo know their email address? I need to request for an endorsement letter regarding written explanation. Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi. Just wanna ask kung anu-ano na mga nasubmit mong docs regarding your case? Kasi if you have submitted almost everything, that's when CEM will email you and ask for an addtl NBI written explanation na nakaaddress sa pangalan mo and yon ang ipinapakita sa NBI office for them to release written explanation. You just have to wait for them to answer. If your application is still within the processing weeks nya, they won't answer and mostly, they won't read, matatabunan lang email mo.
  7. saan po ba galing yung request mo saying u need explanation letter fr nbi?
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    attention eric26: tama si princessyaki..
  9. This is a sample email..

    This is in reference to your application for permanent residence in Canada. In order for the processing of your application to continue, the following document(s) are required:

    Court record / Police report: Provide an original police report or court records National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) written explanation regarding “No Criminal Record” remark on your NBI clearance certificate. Your own written explanation outlining in detail the circumstances and events that led to the case(s) filed against you, as indicated on the NBI. All court documents relating to the case(s) filed against you. These documents must show full details and must corroborate with the NBI written explanation and your written explanation. These include:

    • Certified true copies of the Court Order/Court Decision indicating that the case(s) has been dismissed with finality and the reason(s) for the dismissal

    • Certified true copies of the petition and court transcript

  10. Hi Cathy,

    Actually i'm planning palang mag submit ng requirements for work permit this coming Feb. Hindi ba pwede makuha ko muna yung endorsement letter para pag submit ko sa February kumpleto na yung requirements ko? Thank you.

  11. Hi. Hindi po sila nagbibigay ng endorsement letter before you submit your application. You have to submit your application first and from there, if you have submitted all their needed docs for your case, that's when they send an email requesting you to either add supporting docs and a written explanation letter from NBI. Kaya a little advice lang po na it's better to submit all your court docs para there will be little chance for you to be refused at yung NBI written explanation letter na lang hihingin nila. Kasi mostly, pag di complete naibigay mong court docs, that't when your application will be refused at once and they won't ask you to get NBI written explanation letter na.

    And fyi po, my name is not Cathy... hehe
    I'm Ann.

    If you still have questions, feel free to ask me. Goodluck!

  12. Hi Ms. Ann,

    Thank you so much for this. At least malinaw na saken ngayon yung dapat kong gawin. Yes, thanks for the help, i'll just ask you if i have some other concerns. God bless!
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    Hi everyone,

    I need your help, I am sponsoring my parents. The immigration requested nbi clearance, the letter contains each of my parent’s name and then the required docs including nbi. At the very last page there is a note on nbi clearance that have “no criminal record” remark that need nbi certification or explanation, i am from cebu and they said only the main office in manila can issue this. Can I appoint a representative to get this letter of explanation? My dad is in Canada under supervisa, he has a valid nbi clearance with him, issued within 6mos we had it ready but we did not know that we need a letter of explanatin until now. What should I do? What are the documents needed for a representative to obtain my dad’s letter of explanation from nbi, does he need to send his original nbi to his representative?
  14. What are the requirements to get a letter of explanation from nbi?how much is it? Can a representative be appointed? My dad is in Canada he cannot obtain the letter of explanation himself, does he need to send his original nbi clearance to his representative too, is personal copy of nbi okay?i hope you can help me

  15. Hi Bam. There's no prob in having a representative to get the doc you needed from the NBI. The representative should present SPA or authorization letter from your dad, your dad's ID and the rep's ID. Rep just have to show that the letter or email addressed to your dad's name he received from the canadian immigration that they need the NBI letter of explanation bec without this email/letter, you will never get a letter of explanation from NBI even if your dad is already in Canada. And FYI, there is no fee for the NBI letter of explanation.

    I hope I shed some light with your inquiry. If you have other questions feel free to ask me. Goodluck!
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