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MyCIC - Identity Validation, 3 security questions - account locked

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Liluu3, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Hey
    I've accidentally somehow answered those 3 security questions wrong :eek:

    I have contacted GCKey support - but the problem is not GCKey, as I'm still able to log in with username and Password. But when I proceed to my application and the questions should pop up - I now just see the message, that account is locked. I've actually recieved something from CIC today and now I'm not able to log into that to see what that is. Currently, I'm awaiting my TRV and Passport request, so it's quite important to see the content.

    I contacted webmaster on web-tech-support AT cic.gc.ca. I've also contacted question AT cic.gc.ca

    Whom do you think I also should contact? Am I able to call to CIC and ask what they wrote me if I provide them with specific application number?
    My application is proccessed in London. I may also call them directly.

    Maybe there's someone who had same issue?

    Thank you in advance
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  2. Solution :write a mail to question AT cic.gc.ca

    OR: call +1 613-944-4000 and press for CIC, they may ask you about your stay inside or outside canada. I have explained the urgency of my situation and apologizing for calling outside.
    It helped and i was unlocked right away.
    I called 7:50 am and was waiting for a while till the lady picked the phone up. So it's possible to contact CIC via that number, but it's not recommended if calling from abroad ::)

    Hope it can help someone in the future!
  3. Just to update as per the new rules, CIC has stopped transferring calls to their technical department and they definitely don't unlock MYCIC accounts over the phones anymore. Instead they send out email forms and/or instructions with a timeline of 10 business days. Eventually you will need to create a new account.

    So if AFTER logging in using your GC Key and password successfully, you see the following message: "your account has been locked, you are no longer able to recover your account online":

    1. Goto MYCIC ---> Register for a new GCKey.
    2. Create new user ID (GC Key), password, new security questions.
    3. Once your new account is created successfully, click on "Link Application to this account" button.
    4. Use your existing EE Profile # or other personal details to fetch and link your earlier EE profile/applications.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Dear vvarma,

    Thanks for the instruction as my account was locked accidentally.

    However, I tried to create new acount and use existing info to link the previous account, however, it fails. Could you kindly advise if these are any approaches to re-link the account? it is so urgent for me because I am in the middle of the application process. Does email or call work?

    Many thanks
  5. Process has changed. They don't unlock via calls. I tried everything for days and days before I figured out what worked. You'll have to fill a web form with your complain.

    Search for IRCC web form and fill it with Application Type: Technical difficulties. They unlocked mine in 2 days. You'll receive an email when they unlock.
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  6. I troed everything itried to mail them as well but still i cant get my account unlock can you please help me to find me another way Please its been several days
  7. My application is approved as confirmed by customer care but I can not access my accounts to check the message since it is blocked.
    Now I need to submit the passport with that letter of approval.
    I am not able to do it . Please please advice how to unblock it as its very urgent to see that message. or is there any other way out .
  8. @Bryanna this is the problem that i am facing my account is still locked after 24 hours my username password works fine i just cant get past the i accept page and then it says your account is locked ive got two new messages one email and one that my application has been updated after 30 days but i cnt open my application i treid linking my application to another account b
  9. Did you get this resolved? I have same problem now...
  10. I have same issue. Have you been able to resolve it?
  11. Any solution to this problem? Can somebody please help? I have same issue: the account has been locked
  12. We emailed CIC through the account help. They said to create new account and link new to old. We created new but unable to link to old. So we emailed them again but have not heard back.
  13. I had almost similar issue, I applied for PR not TRV and I was asked to create an account and link my application, I was trying to link the application and it was always wrong data provided so they blocked my account after trying 5 times (here is the similarity ) I just created a new account and went to link my application, this time I carefully read the instruction of linking the application and all went well got new account linked.

    my advice to you create a new account and before you link the old application read the instruction carefully http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/my_application/link.asp also refer to the top question in the link it was very helpful for me.

    hope you all can manage to get into your accounts
  14. Dear many comments I read please tell me how many are gckey is unlocked please tell me
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  15. OK so how long tack times to unlock your account

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