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My experience of direct landing interview (no PPR) @ Etobicoke, ON

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by limin_w, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. pretty neat..
    I had false belief that we visa requiring folks don't get direct landing....i am wrong.
  2. What do you mean? You are in Canada but your citizenship is from a visa-required country? I am from a visa-required country living in Toronto and I got landing interview
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  3. Hi sumylili, have u done the landing interview already? How was it
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  4. I am like you and I thought we only get PPR email but not direct landing. I had not directly read from people like you. So I now know that this happens :)
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    Yes, mine was on June 4th. Nothing to be worried about, pretty easy and quick, you will be done in 10 min. My wait time was for 1 hour though, it was quite busy that day.

    I posted my experience in some other threads but here it is:

    I had my landing interview scheduled at 2pm at Etobicoke office . When I arrived I went to the wrong entrance, went to Service Canada instead so make sure you are in the right office; they are one besides the other. Right when you enter there is a big desk in the front, two officers sitting behind and a big IRCC sign on the wall. I arrived 30 minutes earlier and went straight to the front desk. One of the security officers gave me a number DXXX to wait and highligthed my name on his list. I went straight to the waiting area. There were 26 people ahead of my number. 5 out of 9 booth were working at that time. I was called at 2:40pm. The questions asked in the interview were basically if I ever been arrested or commited any crime in canada, if I have any dependant overseas, if I ever been deported, if my marital status changed, current address and the last time I entered to Canada. Gave my pictures and signed my COPR. After I that I went straight to Service Canada (next door) to get my new SIN and also went to Ontario Service to update the status of my OHIP and new address since I recently moved.
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  6. Btw, congratulations!!. Your application was processed pretty fast considering your VO is Montreal.
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  7. Hi all, I received an information letter on June 13 saying that my application was completed and that I will be shortly contacted by IRCC for a landing interview. Has anyone received such a letter before and what's the timeline between receiving the information letter and the appointment letter?

    Thank you so much!
  8. Hoping for a little info if anyone can provide it. Landing interview scheduled for July 9th. Case is where my spouse and I moved recently to a new address than what my application was processed under, same city.

    Can I inform them of this change at the interview? Or do I have to this before said date?

    Would really appreciate some advice on this.
  9. HI All,
    Has anyone was unable to attend the landing interview and requested for the interview to be rescheduled. I was wondering what's the timeline for rescheduling. This is for the Vancouver Visa Office, I didn't have my passport as I had sent it for TRV stamping to Ottawa.
  10. Hi All,

    I attended my landing interview on 25th June and I was issued COPR on the spot. My application status still says "submitted". Is this normal?
  11. Yes got information/ approval letter on may 17 updated my address may 21 was told that eto office will contact me within 6 weeks but no update since then waiting waiting waiting
  12. May I ask what you ended up doing. I am in the same situation now. I have my landing interview and I travel next week.
  13. I did my interview yesterday, there is a paper that they give to you with some information on it after you have become PR. On the paper, it explains that if you have to travel before getting PR card, you can apply for a PRTD(Permanent Resident Travel Document) from the local IRCC office in the country that you are going as you cannot return without that or a pr card.

    Not sure how long it will take to process but I imagine if you start the process as soon as you go on your trip, you'll have it before coming back. Maybe print your itinerary as well, so they can see your return date.
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  14. Thank you so much. That information is helpful. I appreciate it.
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  15. No problem, best of luck!

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