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My experience of direct landing interview (no PPR) @ Etobicoke, ON

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by limin_w, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Thank you for the detailed view. Just out of curiosity, when we receive the email for landing interview do we have to call CIC or local visa office for scheduling an interview date & time.
  2. Is the landing interview a way if expediting your CoPR or for inland applicants or d they only issue that if there are any questions they may have regarding your application?
  3. Hi everyone,
    There is an update in my case. The primary applicant has received a landing interview mail at the closest IRCC office. I believe once the application is approved, the dependent in another country is sent the PPR mail and for the primary applicant in some cases is chosen for the landing appointment. In such cases the closest IRCC office contacts the PA separately for the landing appointments based on their availability which might be a later date from when the SA applicant received the PPR mail.
    Hope this helps !
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  4. Hi ..When you received the landing email, they only gave you 3 days for interview. If someone will not be available on that day can they extend their interview date? if yes how many days some one can extend?
  5. BCPNP Applicant with Spouse and Child
    1. Received application June 13, 2016.
    2. Acknowledging receipt Sep 23 2016.
    3. Started processing Sep 23, 2016.
    4. Medical Sep 6, 2017.
    5. Medical passed Sep 15 2017
    6. # Added spouse and child Nov 2017
    7. File sent to Vancouver Office March 2018
    8. Correspondence on June 18, 2018. (Spouse and child Medical with additional docs)
    9. #Medical Passed July 5 2018
    10. Correspondence on Sep 19, 2018. (Job letter, Notice of assessment, RCMP Record and Spouse DOB Certificate)
    11. Correspondence on Oct 11 2018. (Employer received email for job confirmation and I was asked to update Representative form).
    12. January 19 Decision Made and recieved Passport Request for wife and child in India. Nothing for my appointment yet.
    My question is can they get there passports back before I get anything?
  6. Are all CEC Inland getting this interview instead?
  7. Not all but we are seeing alot landing interviews instead of Passport requests for CECs now..
  8. Hello!! Is that true? In my case, the primary applicant received landing interview, but dependent applicants who live in another country haven't got PPR!! Did your dependent applicant receive PPR? If they did, they received before or after landing interview? Thank you in advance!!
  9. Hi,
    Can I ask how long does CIC reply to your booking landing email?
  10. Hi,
    Can you reschedule the confirmation of permanent resident if you are not in the country. and how long can you extend it for?
  11. Hi i just receive my landing interview today. For the photos, does the sponsor still have to provide them or only the person being sponsored?
  12. When did you send email to CIC. I sent on Feb 18, and still didn't hear from CIC.
  13. I am travelling to india for 2 weeks after landing interview what should i do my interview is on 9th march and i have to attend a marriage on 18 th march in india
  14. The letter has instruction on how to arrange another appointment, however, I highly recommend to make yourself available for the date and time that they have scheduled for you. Otherwise the wait time is unpredictable.
  15. They can, but they cannot do landing before you. You must receive your CoPR first before they can come to Canada and complete landing at the airport. The delay of your decision letter (PPR) might be caused by the IRCC office not scheduling your interview in time.

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