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My experience of direct landing interview (no PPR) @ Etobicoke, ON

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by limin_w, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. I did not request appointment. The interview letter has already specified a date and time.
  2. Hi All,

    I had my landing interview last week, and I'd like to just leave here my experience so people who have been called for it can see and have some reference.
    First of all, to know if it is a landing interview or not, it is mentioned in the letter (by email - pdf) you receive from IRCC. Mine was like this:

    "In order to grant you permanent residence, you must provide us with satisfactory original identity documents. All
    applicants must provide their original valid passport at the landing interview."

    As you can see, it mentions "landing interview".
    I'm pointing it out because I hadn't noticed it at first when I got it.

    Anyway, I went to the location and, as I got in, I was asked to show the letter I received for interview request. SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PRINT IT AND TAKE IT WITH YOU. I was also asked for the photograph they asked for in the letter, as well as my passport.
    One thing here that I'd like to point out is that there were people not only arriving LATE but also WITHOUT PICTURE, which is clearly mentioned in the letter, then they had to go out run around and get it done in some place nearby. Honestly, the officers are very nice and get out of their way to help, but I think it is just simple common sense for the applicants to be well prepared for something SO IMPORTANT in our lives.

    Then I sat down and, when the time came, one officer came to the waiting room and read out loud the names with apppointment for the same time as me, to check if everyone was there. Then she told us we were getting our PR`s on the spot, and that she would call one by one to confirm some information/interview.

    Now, please note that the interview is not anything scary as one might think. It might not even qulify as interview, because the office simply confirms is all your info are correct, and asks three questions such as if you have commited any crime in Canada, and if you have been asked to leave the country.

    Thank you check all the info in the paper, and sign. The officer also signs and stamps, as well as stamps your passport, and says "congratulations". Please note that the paper you get is the PR CONFIRMATION and it says on it: "Not valid for travel", and the PR card is sent to you by email in 4 or 5 weeks. Just one thing is that this paper, even though it says it is not valid for travel, it can be used to go to the US through road border.

    Anyways, here just my experience, because I was looking for info on this after I was asked to go for interview, and would be nice to have seen one more detailed post like this on the topic. Good to you all and don't overwhelm yourself over this at all.
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  3. Are you paper-based PNP Applicant? I am BC PNP Inland Applicant with AOR Oct 8th 2018 abd IP2 on 20th March 2019. No update post that.
  5. Is there any one whose all stages are passed on April first week but waiting for final VO decision and ppr

  6. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your info provided! May I know how long does it take for your cic online to update after landing interview? I have done my landing interview May 1st (yesterday) but my cic online is still showing that my application is in process. Should I worried about that?
  7. Hello,
    Thank you for the information. Can we travel by road to US without the PR card but with formal landing paper? I know we cannot fly but heard that we can travel by road.
    Any leads will be appreciated!
    Thank You
  8. Hi

    I was wondering if you can help me with one of the question I have. I also have an interview on May 24, 2019 in same office as it was for yours. Will they keep your passport or return than and there itself.

  9. Hello,
    I could not complete my landing as they requested more documents for my spouse.

  10. Hello,

    Pls, I received a PPR mail for my wife - who is in Nigeria, on Friday, May 17, but I wasn't instructed on where I (the Primary Applicant) should submit my passport too.

    I am worried because my wife was given 15 days to submit and she can only submit when I have attained my CoPR status.

    I do not know where to go from here.

    Kindly help Fellazzz.
  11. Hi Friends,
    I really need advice.
    I am currently in Canada while my Dependents (spouse and child) are back in India. Today I got a landing interview call and it is mentioned as
    "Please bring Your in-Canada dependent(s), only if you have included them in your permanent residence application"

    There is no mention of out-Canada dependents.So...
    1. What will happen for my Dependents?
    2. Will I get separate email for their PPR request?
    3. Should I go to the interview alone or should I send a mail to CIC asking to explain?

  12. Ideally, you should get a PPR in your account requesting your dependants to submit passports - ONLY IF YOU INCLUDED THEM IN YOUR APPLICATION.

    How far away is your landing Interview, you can reply to the email for the landing interview explaining your situation, raise a WebForm or call CIC.
  13. Hi Everyone,

    I am very glad I find this thread and find a lot of useful information with my coming landing interview at CIC - Etobicoke in June 25th, 2019.

    Below is my timeline and other information:

    CEC EE inland
    VO: Montreal
    AoR: Feb. 21st 2019
    MEP/IP2: April 3rd 2019
    Ghost Update: May 3rd 2019
    Landing Interview Requested: June 13th 2019

    I will keep updated my experience of landing inland once I have done with it.

    Best luck to everyone!
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  14. Congratualtions and good luck!
    Are you from visa not requiring countries to enter into canada?
  15. I am originally from China and I went to university in Toronto and now I am working and living in Toronto.
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