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MPNP Application 2014 for FILIPINOS

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by marydegala, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Ppr request last june 20.. Konting kembot nlng... Thank you papa God... God bless us all...!
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  2. Wow! Congrats sa PPR. Gano katagal po validity ng visa niyo?
  3. Hindi ko pa alam kakapadala ko palang ng passport nmin sa husband ko im not the principal applicant btw
  4. 1 yr po validity ng visa, based nla sa submission date ng medical nyo po..
  5. Salamat po! Bale kung Dec. 21 ko sinubmit medical, hanggang before Dec. 21 valid?
  6. Oct 2017
    Started processing.

    Dec 2017 med result submitted
    Jan 2018 med passed

    Still waiting for PPR

    Normally ilang months po ba?
  7. Yes po if nag submit kyo ng medical 21 Dec 2017, visa nyo valid till 20 Dec 2018, 1 yr lang po. So better mag land po kyo ng CAN before your visa expiration date bec they will not allowed any extension.
  8. hi, does it really take some time from AOR to File Transfer or Medical Request? im just kind of worried as some of the timeline here takes only weeks but mine is running for 7 months and nothing heard from CIC.
  9. My timeline
    AOR - Oct 2017
    Med Request Nov 2017
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  10. I know people who got AOR in September and October, and one of November, that are just getting their medical request in the past few days/weeks. I think the only ones who were so fast are those who applied through EE, everyone else is taking surprisingly long.
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  11. Wow! You got the medical request really fast. The delay afterwards may be because of the changes in medical admissibility :( have you at least got the pre-arrival letter or not even that?
  12. Yes i think mine was quite fast. But til now I havent got my PPR. Its been almost 7 months since Med Passed.
    I received pre arrival letter last March 2018
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  13. that's the thing, its either it will take you long to receive MR or you will receive request early but have to wait long for PPR.
  14. I was just reading the same thing in a group of MPNP applicants from India. It's almost random.

    Did you sign up for pre-arrival services?
  15. One of the people in the group from India said he got AOR in April 2017, medicals very soon after, and after that nothing. A few more were from August and September 2017, no medical invitation yet. There's no real pattern to when each document is received :(

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