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MPNP Application 2014 for FILIPINOS

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by marydegala, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. By the way, it also used to be that the pre arrival letter always arrived after the medicals. I've heard of people who have received it without having received medicals yet. The timeline for medicals is changing a lot.

    I think people who are waiting for medicals at least don't have the risk of having to repeat them. Those who did the medicals over a year ago are now repeating them.
  2. No I didn't
  3. Yes, another user replied, he said the visa depends on the validity of your medical, My uncle-in-law also told me that, that's how it works, the embassy will just give you visa months before the expiration of your medicals. I submitted my medical Dec 21, 2017 so Im very positive that Ill receive my visa mid this year and validity is only until Dec 20 2018.
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  4. My case AOR Oct 2017
    Med Request Nov 2017 just a month after
    now, 7 months has passed no PPR yet
    The waiting is killing me
  5. Remember also that there were changes to the medicals. Someone in a French speaking forum managed to speak to an IRCC agent and he said that in anticipation of those changes they stopped processing medical to avoid situations where someone was rejected on medical grounds and then the decision had to be amended. They just stopped altogether for some time. So I imagine that now they have a backlog of medicals to assess and yours is in that backlog. God willing you will get PPR soon so that it doesn't get anywhere near expiry for you.
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  6. Hi, am new to this forum. Please how soon am i going to be interviewed over the phone. And what are the likely questions they'll ask? How long do i have to wait to get the nomination certificate?
  7. Yes that is true. Same for me, I applied July of 2014 and after 4 years of waiting we just got our visas approved yesterday. :D
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  8. Based on my experience,
    I didn't get interviewed, instead it was my sponsor who did get a call from the Program and Policy Officer.
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  9. " Huli man daw at magaling, Naihahabol parin! "

    My share on MPNP Timeline:

    App. Filed : 7/28/2014
    MPNP : 8/01/2014
    Nomination : 11/20/2016
    LOA Received : 11/29/2016
    Med's Requested : 09/12/2017
    Med's Done : 09/18/2017
    Pre Arrival Seminar : 12/20/2017
    Passport Req : 07/06/2018
    VISA ISSUED : 07/12/2018
    LANDED : Ticket Booked

    It took a lot longer than we thought but it was all worth it!
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  10. Congrats Kabayan!
    Ano po inaplayan niyo? Sang province at family po ba kayo or solo?
  11. Family class inapplyan ko. Winnipeg, Manitoba kami. Ikaw po, @jajalana
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  12. Hello, from AUH here, magpapa schedule pa kami sa McCulloch but please can you share your experience, timeline and tips? Thanks in advance!
  13. Sa winnipeg manitoba din po
    MPNP skilled worker
    waiting for PPR pa din
    Med passed last Jan 2018
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  14. Nice! We’re Landing in Winnipeg on Aug. 10 See you there soon! I’ll share my contracts with you once we get there. Solo ka lang ba?
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