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MPNP Application 2014 for FILIPINOS

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by marydegala, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am an overseas applicant. I have a close friend in Manitoba, and I have found a job offer that is in their demand list. I am processing the applicatin with the support of an immigration lawyer. Right now job offer is in final process of approval; however, I have a concern. While creating the EOI profile, my points stood at 415, but lawyer says, your points will shoot up by 500 points automatically more once the job offer is approved. Is this true? or I checked the EOI, where it is clicked "yes" on the clause " I am not currently residing in Manitoba; however I have a formal job offer".

    Have anyone experienced this? Can anyone guide me on this please?
  2. Hi mga kabayan. The recent draws doesnt include express entry. Anyone got LAA on the previous draws?
  3. Hello everyone, is there anyone who is from draw#63 here? Is there any changes in your status from Received? I have applied for MPNP-SWO (close relative as supporter). Thanks! :)
  4. Yeah until now, no updates for SWO express entry. What's happening to Manitoba? Our IELTS is expiring soon.
  5. I think they are now working on our applications now as there has been changes in some of the current status. Sana bumilis ang processing. And hoping for approval para sa lahat.

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