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MPNP Application 2014 for FILIPINOS

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by marydegala, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Wow Godbless po sa inyo! Yes po Solo
    Btw yung validity ng Visa gaano katagal po?
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  2. Yung anniversary ng Medical mo hanggang dun lang ang validity ng visa. Kaya kung January ka nag Medical, January din and expiry ng visa.
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  3. Naku Dec 19 ako nagmedical
    Pero passed ng Jan 11 2018
    Bale valid lang til Dec 19? Kasi un ang date ng medical ko tlaga? Hindi ako aabot pasko pa ata hehe
  4. Hi everyone,

    I have questions po. I hope matulungan niyo po ako. My husband and I have an interest in going to Manitoba Canada. We scheduled our IELTS test already. We also have 3-4 years of work experience. We have relatives in Manitoba, they are all permanent resident and currently employed. My questions po are
    1. Is there any required points for Manitoba PNP?
    2. What's the easiest way to go there thru the help of my relatives or thru MPNP?
    3. What are the process/procedures for application after taking the ielts?
    I hope you can help me po. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi po magkakaron po kaya ng problem if hindi na meete ang timeline n maipasa ang mga passport nagka ron po kasi ng prob sa pics eh madami mali po sukat nung mukha kaya ng retake kami ng pics ng mga anak ko pero naka pag email nmn po ang nanay husband ko (principal applicant) sa cic ka delivered palang today sa visa office. Btw nova Scotia po ang vo sabi sa email na before 20 of July dapat ma send n nmin thanks po
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  7. Congratulations! pwede po bang malaman kung in person or through courier ung sinubmit nyo for passport request? Thank you po!
  8. Good day everyone!

    I just want to ask po if it is possible to a Manitoba provincial nominee to transfer to other province po like Ontario or Alberta after landing due to better job offer po? Or need po magstay sa Manitoba for a specific time? I heard po kasi na if you will do this, you cannot sponsor and yung nag-sponsor po sa iyo cannot sponsor na din daw po. Thank you po in advance for your insight.
  9. Courier po..
  10. Welcome to Winnipeg! How are you liking the city so far?
  11. Komusta po. There is no specific time that one needs to stay. It's a complicated matter:
    - On one hand, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees your mobility rights, allowing you to move to another province.
    - On the other hand, you will sign in writing TWICE that your intention is to settle permanently in Manitoba: once in the MPNP application and a second time in the federal application. If you state anything in your immigration application that is not true, you can be accused of misrepresentation, which is a federal crime.

    Very few people have been affected by this, but it is always a possibility. The key is to never misrepresent yourself. If you moved here, settled in Winnipeg, looked for work, registered your children in school, joined community associations or the PPCM, and then your company transfers you to Alberta or Ontario, then you never lied, because you intended to settle but then something took you elsewhere. Or if for health reasons you need to move to a better climate like Vancouver, again it is not your fault. But if suddenly you start applying for jobs outside of the province, sending your resume to companies in Alberta or Ontario, then they could say that it was never your intention to stay here because you actively looked for job outside of Manitoba. I hope this information is helpful :)
  12. Good day everyone

    I am from EOI draw 53 and currently starting to fill-up the online application. I have some questions and hope someone can help me answer

    1. Sa part ng years taken for secondary education, choices are below 10 years, 10 years and 12 years. I answered 10 years (grade 1 to 6, HS 1st to 4th year), is this correct?

    2. On the funds section where we need to disclose the mortgages, can I include the home equity (current property value less the outstanding loan balance) as asset? Or any idea po on how to answer the funds section?

    Thanks in advance
  13. For Philippines po, correct po kayo 10 yrs. po total secondary education.

    For the property po, need nyo po ng valuation/ real property assessment para po sa value ng property. Need nyo po ng supporting document para sa value ng asset nyo. And then po yung outstanding balance yung declare nyo sa mortgage section po, hingi po kayo sa bank ng loan repayment schedule or loan statement po.
  14. Thanks po for the information

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