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MPNP 2018 required documents

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Dell2018, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Dear all,

    I recently received an email from MPNP asking me to submit full application. Now what are the next steps? Is there any guide etc?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. Hi! Was there a new draw today? You can check their website for the next step.
  3. hi, i also received an email today from mpnp but there is no update in their website that they conducted new draw. When i logged in my account, there is still no update on my status. maybe we need to wait for 48 hours, as mentioned in the email? good luck to us all!
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  4. Oh i see, what was your score? Thanks.
  5. 560. that's why i was really wondering how i got an invitation. anyway, let's wait for further update on their website.
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  6. Alright thanks. Mine is 545, all the best, keep us updated.
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  7. Hi guys, i got the same mail and my score was 560 but no update on my profile. is there a whatsapp group for MPNP?
  8. Everyone , please tell me how to apply for MPNP myself?

    where to start?

    I have few questions:

    I don't know the basics.

    question 1: Please provide me a link or step by step guide where i can apply myself?

    I have 5+ years of work experience as electronics equipment trades worker from Australia

    I have qualifications from Australia as well.

    I have brother living in Winnipeg who is willing to sponsor me and currently on full time employment ( Canadian citizen)

    I have CLB 8 bands of IELTS

    question 2: What forms should I fill, which stream should I apply?

    question 3: how many points should i score and how do i calculate the points?

    question 4: what is quick and better way ?

    MPNP or express entry? are they both different? can we get nomination via MPNP first and then apply for express entry stream?

    please let me know everything or give me any thread's link with some basic info.

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  9. Hi,

    First check your eligibility here:

    If you score at least 60 points, you are eligible to apply.

    To apply you need to create an account and submit your Expression of interest(EOI).

    Info about the EOI:

    After successfully submitting your EOI, you will be placed into a pool of all eligible candidates. From this point you will have to wait until the next draw. MPNP selects the highest-scoring candidates on a regular basis, in case you are selected, you will receive the "Letter of Advice to Apply" (LAA) and more instructions on how to proceed with a full application.
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    Hi there, you need to create an express entry account first, then create an expression of interest mpnp account.

    For express entry you need to score atleast 6 each in general ielts, and have your education credential assessed. I will give you the links down on how to create an express entry, expression of interest mpnp account, and how to get your education assessed. Read the information carefully, everything is explained in the links that i provided.

    Express entry

    Mpnp account expression of interest

    Education credential assessment
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  11. Do we need to have a connection in manitoba?
  12. Yes you do. You need to have a first blood relative or be directly invited by mpnp under strategic recruitment initiative if you are out of canada. Check out this link http://www.immigratemanitoba.com/immigrate-to-manitoba/

  13. Thanks for the reply PPSB15,

    please tell me what's difference between express entry and non express entry for MPNP. (what is non express entry called?)

    why is express entry better? its quick?

    question: )
    while calculating points for Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), I can only score 408 points,

    i do not have nomination from Manitoba yet( to gain 600 points) , do i have to get the nomination first? how do i get the nomination first?

    here is the link:


    it is quite confusing, i don't know which stream is best for me ? i do not want to apply on incorrect stream and waste my time incase i get to know later that I should've applied for a different stream. thanks.

  14. thanks for the reply.

    while submitting EOI, will there be an option to select whether i want to apply for Express stream or non express stream.? what is non express stream called?

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