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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by cansha, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. You are welcome. After you submit the additional documents. Call IRCC to make sure that they receive and add the additional documents to your file. I wish you the best.
  2. Sure... Thank you... Wish you the best too
  3. I requested GCMS notes with GETGCMS on October 8th and still haven't gotten them. I got an email stating that IRCC needs 90 days to process the request. When did you request your?
  4. I applied on Sep 18th ... Yet to get one... better to apply for a new one through Apply GCMS.
  5. I don't think it matters if you apply trough a different service. IRCC is the one that is taking longer to process the requests. But I think that applying for GCMS notes helped my application. I called IRCC on August 26th and I was told that medical and criminality was passed, eligibility and security not started. Then, I called again on October 7th and the agent told me the same. After reading this forum, I decided to order notes. I called again on November 19th and the agent said that eligibility is recommended pass, security not started. So, I think ordering notes helped move my file.
  6. I also got that email from GETGCMS that IRCC has asked for 90 day extension over the 30 day confirmation to respond.
    Now is it just GetGCMS who is doing this?
    Does applying from other agencies or directly having a PR friend apply for you faster than GETGCMS? Or would it fall in the same queue?
  7. Oct 26. I got the same response from them as you got.
  8. I think the extension was for everyone no matter how they requested the notes. I just checked the email I got, and it stated that most requests between September 1st and October 16th were affected. But yours has been affected too which makes me wonder if IRCC now requires 90 days for all GCMS requests. I want to order another set of notes, but I am not sure if I should do it if it takes 90 days.
  9. True. In a similar email from GetGCMS they mentioned to me that requests between Sept1 and Oct27 have been affected.
    No harm in applying again (just not via GetGCMS). Try it with a different route. Worst case, even if it has to take 90 days, your Oct 6th with GetGCMS request would already be in queue.
  10. Any Whatsap group created for Montreal folks??
  11. a
    any update on your case?
  12. Nothing yet ...

    Received webform response that decision has been made and will be informed by the concerned officer through email about the decison, but still waiting for the email.
    Its been 2 weeks since then...
  13. I ordered GCMS notes on Aug 23rd and got it today.... talking about efficiency....lol....
    I guess there are more and more people whose applications have been prolonged and after doing some research, more applicants are ordering notes. Everything seems pretty slow as a consequence.
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  14. I can't believe it took them so long. You are right that more people are ordering notes. I think there are generally more applicants lately.
  15. Hello everyone,

    So for a change after 3 months of waiting, I got a “GHOST” update today however on calling CIC agent came to know that my security is passed today but eligibility is still under review.

    Sounded more scary as usually security is the last step.

    But 1 thing is strange that my “We are reviewing your additional documents you submitted” has changed to “Not applicable” but still eligibility has no update.

    Only God can help me now to sail.

    @cansha - Through some light on this please if you can!

    AOR : 1st February, 2019
    Category : CEC Inland
    Visa Office : Montreal
    Medicals : Passed
    Criminality: Passed
    Security: Passed
    Eligibility: Under Review since 11th September, 2019

    Wish PPR for the ones who are still waiting coz I know and can relate that its not a good feeling.
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