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Montreal Visa Office ... Let's connect here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by cansha, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. If there was a way to expedite things, we would have all done so. But don't worry, all will be well!

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    I understand your frustration. I have been there. Montreal VO requires a lot of patience. Mine took 8.6 months. I would advise you to order GCMS notes if you haven’t done so. Sometimes GCMS notes help move your file forward. It is not always the case though. Good luck and praying that you receive PPR soon.
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  3. Does anyone know if the Montreal VO has an email address?
  4. How can I order GCMS notes if I am out of Canada, currently I am in USA
  5. No they don't
  6. There are number of their party websites you can use. www.getgcms.com is one such site.
  7. Even me in the same phase now !!!
  8. Whats your AOR??
  9. Montreal VO is a black hole for PR applications. It's been pretty quiet in here, so most Montreal officers are probably in some tropical country enjoying a long vacation now.
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  10. I called CIC today and asked about my eligibility. I was told 'eligibility is under review'. Please is it different from review required? Thanks.
  11. My gcms notes say RR but agent told same thing "under review". What's your AOR?
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    August 16. I applied for GCMS notes but haven't received them. I asked if there were any outstanding notes but she said no. I've bee. Quite nervous.
  13. What was the reason for the review required?
  14. Hi @cansha! I urgently need your advice here. Today my application status changed to approved as Canadian embassy stamped my passport. But I see in the document status, date of expiry is mentioned is 2019/12/12. Does it mean I will have to enter Canada within this short time period? If yes, is there a way I can ask them to extend my expiry of medicals?
  15. Yes it means you need to enter before that date. There is no possible way of extending the timeline as when you receive the documents it would be stated on the document as well.
    If you want you can send an email to the email Id that was mentioned on your email but I'm not sure they would consider the request.

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