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Mexico visa office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Wilfredo coste cedeño, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Just curious why it is impossible to get her a renewed passport?
  2. Amen ... like they should STRONGLY consider this lol
  3. Let us know if they are helpful please. There’s actually a forum that helps you to understand your notes better/clearer. I am on the fence about whether I will order or not. Thanks
  4. Cause the corrupted government in Venezuela. My wife's mother applied for her passport two and half years ago and never received it. There is rumours that you need to pay $10,000USD for them issue the passport. That's why Canada is making exceptions for Venezuelans with expired passports. But I have no idea how true that is. And either way my wife is still in Venezuela, and it won't matter even if Canada extends her passport, because Venezuela won't let her travel if her passport is not valid for more than 6 months. Immigration should also know this too.
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  5. Biometrics is the statistical measurement by which they analyze unique physical and behavioural characteristics. So like fingerprints, DNA, swabbing, etc. Not everyone has to get biometrics done but if you do, they will definitely let you know. Usually they tell you around the time they request a medical(s) but I am sure they can request biometrics whenever they feel like ☺️
  6. Wow, that is crazy! Praying things begin to move fast for you and your wife!
  7. Ahhhhhh I swear they better not do that. My wife came back from Caracas in January and if she need travel to that crazy ass city again. My god, I'll be so pissed. I just did some research that people in south America don't need the biometric. But I'm thinking otherwise with what you just said lol. My wife medical was completed in January.
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  8. Thanks. My wife is losing it. I'm talking to MP tomorrow David Mcguinty office. My friend spoke to the older brother Dalton Mcguintys representative before about 3-4 years back when CIC lost their application*slap forehead*. They said they will make the application top priority. It was success. But I'm not sure to what extent. Because the application was still completed in 14 months lol
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  9. There is a forum called “How to order GCMS notes, a step by step process”. It was created by @Sue2017. Here is what she says about ordering notes:

    How to apply GCMS / ATIP notes.
    Only a person who is in Canada can request the notes. Get your sponsor to request on PA'S behalf!

    If principal applicant is in Canada, he/she can request for himself and apply for free under Privacy Act.

    If sponsor is requesting it on behalf of Principal applicant, you need consent form from PA and $5 fee. You can receive consent form from spouse via email and upload it. Apply under Access to Information Act.

    It takes about 30 days to receive by email. It is a ~30 pages document (can be more than 30 pages)

    Consent form:

    Section A - Principal Applicant details
    Section B - Sponsor's details
    Section C - Sponsor's details

    GCMS Notes:

    In above link, click Apply online, choose English , hit Next and accept the terms & conditions.

    Next enter the below details:

    Requester Information
    Department: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

    Family Name:
    Given Name(s) (First Name):
    Mailing Address:
    Telephone No.:
    E-mail Address:
    Requesting information on your own behalf? Yes / No
    Category of Requester: Member of the Public

    Right of Access: Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or Individual/corporation currently present in Canada

    Method of Delivery: E-mail

    Act & Record Selection

    Act: Privacy Act / Access to Information Act - select this for GCMS notes for PA residing outside of Canada.

    Language of records: English
    Type of Records: Case Files
    Requesting information for:
    Surname (Family Name):
    Given Name(s) (First Name):
    Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD):
    Client ID Number (####-####):
    Type of Documents: Notes in Electronic File
    File Type: Immigration file: permanent residence ( You can also request for Sponsorship File, if SA is delayed )
    File Number:

    Attach documents: Proof of access ( PR card, visa doc, or passport ), Consent Form.
    Make payment ($5) and submit.

    *NOTE* You do not have to be physically present in Canada to order your GCMS NOTES; However, you need to be either a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident in order to request notes on Applicant's behalf!
  10. What happens when you have representative(lawyer) and trying login to GCkeys? I tried to link my application but it says it's going to remove my representative if I proceed
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  11. Lol, I am sure you’ll be fine! If she has already completed the medical then I think you guys are good ☺️
  12. I have a feeling we’re all losing it in one way or another. How many months in are you and your wife?
  13. Yea, I think your representative/lawyer has to do it on your behalf. Or you remove them as a representative and do things on your own. Guess you would have to weigh the pros and cons for that option.
  14. lmao, oh well, I'll have a chat with the lawyer tomorrow lol
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  15. September 6, 2018 application received,
    Medical request in January, 2019
    Medical received according to online status; my wife completed the medical request in one week it was requested.
    Mexico letter, AOR2 March 12, 2019
    July 6, 2019, 10 months now.

    and you?
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