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Mexico visa office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Wilfredo coste cedeño, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Application sent: December 16th
    Application Received: December 20th
    AOR #1: February 14th
    Medical Request: February 20th
    Medical Completed: February 26th
    Sponsor Approval: February 27th

    And since that time I have heard nothing lol. I have linked my application but there’s no additional information available on there. I drive myself crazy checking that thing each day for updates ☺️ I did send additional information at the end of February due to one of the Medicaid not being completed. I have called CIC on more than one occasion and each agent has confirmed my file has been transferred to the Mexico VO. So here I am waiting patiently and asking God to intervene because from the way I see it - it will take a miraculous intervention for this process to be completed in 12 months! And God is the only one capable of pulling off a miracle of this size!
  2. do you know when they sent your application to mexico? because for my wife after the medical was completed and recieved. There was zero communication between late January '19 to Feb 28, '19. Then on March 1, 2019 online status said they started my wifes application and sent me AOR2 on March 12, 2019. So in March 1, 2019, I wonder does that mean they were transferring file to Mexico? Took them almost two weeks to send it off.

    And I don't even know if I got SA or not. I got no letter, I don't even remember if I got my AOR1 lmao. like my god lol
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  3. Lol, honestly I have no idea. I just remember sometime in March I was trying to link my application under me but it wouldn’t work. When I called CIC they said I couldn’t link it because the file had already been transferred to Mexico so I would need to link it under my spouse instead. So maybe some time in March lol. But I legit have received no communication about them having transferred my file.

    When was the last time you got to see your wife? I haven’t seen my husband since February
  4. I havnt seen her since last August 2018. We been together for 4.5 years and married for almost two years.
  5. Im giving myself an anxiety attack looking into what AOR2 actually means and "ECAS: Applicant: Process(underlined) means lol.
  6. Everyone now has to do biometrics
  7. This is very common. We got no aor2 no transfer letter just a request for additional docs from mexico in july then complete silence until march - ppr. Dont expect communications.

    Calling thr call centre is hit or miss. They give out inaccurate details and dont have complete access to our files. They are NOT immigration officers. Take what they say with a grain of salt
  8. Yeah i never understood the AOR2 or when it was transferred. They sent me a letter I'm not even sure if it's the AOR2. It basically tells me that application was received on September 6,

    I also just noticed this from the letter:

    "Immigrant visas have a validity limited to one year from the date when the medical examinations were initiated or the validity of the passport, which ever is first. Please ensure to have a valid passport. No extensions are granted once visas are issued."
    So my wife's passport expires in April 2020 and she has until or before November 2019 to leave Venezuela, otherwise she stuck there in Venezuela. Does this mean if my wife passport expires. It got nothing to do with CIC?

    Yeah I called them before and it was so awkward. I have appointment tomorrow with my MP in Ottawa.
  9. i'm looking at your profile information. i'm confused with your medical request. did you do your medical request ahead of time in December 12, 2016 and then they requested the medical in early 2017?
  10. We submitted upfront cuz we were allowed. No additional request for medicals ever
  11. Mp cant do much if under a year of processing. Just be aware they will only call the call centre to get an update - nothing extra
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    5$ ..... is not a big lost on the overall, you would at least know if your eligibility is started.. if i relate on the fact i hear on this forum and info i got in the past (5 months to be sent to Mexico is the trend) seems like sadly true.... and how many much more to be processed.
  13. Ha! They would be super helpful if I received them!!! I ordered may 31 and they still have not arrived lol
  14. I've ordered them in th past for another app, usually they respect the 30 days around..what is long is that they have to "clean them" before sending....
  15. Well I’m this case they must be cleaning a lot haha!
    Yes my last set actually arrived early . I’m not worried . They will get here eventually

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