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Mexico visa office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Wilfredo coste cedeño, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. I sponsoring my wife from Dominican republic . My visa office is mexico , after severar email i received this.

    Please consider that your application is in queue for interview. Unfortunately an exact schedule is not yet available.

    Our office will contact you once we have an available appointment or should we require additional information or documents.

    We thank you for your patience and for keeping your correspondence to a minimum.

    Does anybody in the same situacion in the past can tell me how long they wait and if me the sponsor have to go for and interview . And where is it ???????
  2. The last round was january. They used to be every three months but it doesnt seem so anymore. Someones been waiting a while for an interview theyre at 14 or 15 months of processing now. Theyre held in santo domingo. You dont have to be there but can be. They usually question the spouse too... could be a while yet. Sorry
  3. I know of three people that have been in cue for interview since February . All of their spouses are from DR as well.
    Hang in there and if you are over the one year mark try and get your MP involved because this wait for interviews is ridiculous
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  4. My husband had the interview after 13 months in Santo Domingo.
    (The agents have to travel from Mexico to RD and they stay there for 1 week.)

    But at least they told you that your wife is in queue for interview.
    I remember that we sent several emails requesting the status of my husband's app and they ALWAYS replied with the same copy/paste answer: « Your application is in process».
    I found out that my husband was in queue for interview when I ordered the GCMS notes.
  5. Waiting for some information about our application as well. My husband is in La Romana! Maybe we can all get together when we finally get through! I know he’d be happy to connect with some other Dominicans while building his new life here
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  6. That will be nice iam from higuey my phone number is 7807990396
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  7. Thanks for sharing. I sent you a message on WhatsApp
  8. My husband is in la romana as well. I am in Toronto
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  9. Where are you at in the process of getting him to Toronto?
  10. 9 months in and losing my damn mind lol , how about you
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  11. Lol, I understand although I am a little bit behind you ☺️ I am 6 months in. We should connect and maybe one day we can all meet up lol
  12. Sent you a private message
  13. I am also 6 months in and nothing. Husband is from Higuey I am in Toronto
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  14. my husband lives in San Pedro (I was also born there) waiting for file transfer
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  15. We have 10 weeks left and I have had silence since April . I’m just waiting it out . We did get file transfer letter
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