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Mexico visa office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Wilfredo coste cedeño, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. When you say nothing, do you mean no medical or no file transfer? A friend of mine is 8 months in and her medicals are completed but her file according to cic and gcms notes are still not transferred. Apparently they are trying to process some in Sydney nova Scotia. Not sure how much truth there is to it but that is what she was told. Hang in there :)
  2. same here!! 10 weeks left and no sign of anything
  3. Our background check not even started . Ordered notes in May and they have not arrived either lol , I give up for a few weeks
  4. What do you mean process some in Sydney? Did your friend receieve AOR2 which is when the application been received in Mexico? I want to compare my situation and timeline. CIC online application says my application is in Mexico according to the letter I got from them. So I hope they not lying to me that and it's actually in Sydney still. I submitted my Sept 6 ,2018. CIC also said my application is in Mexico.
  5. If you received the letter that it is in Mexico , then your application is in Mexico. My friend did not receive a letter and called. They advised her that some applications are staying in Sydney office to process .
    Like I said earlier every application is different and you really can not compare one to another.
  6. That’s insane I don’t understand why your background check isn’t in process what does your status say on the gc key ?
  7. Same as it has always said . Eligibility in progress. Medical passed and we will let you know when we start background check.
    Honestly I am not worried at all as the background can really take a matter of days. Also my husband has never left his country , easy to confirm
  8. With 10 weeks left anything can happen , also 12 months is only for some not all. So my patience skills are in full effect now haha
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    It seems cause Mexico is slammed, so maybe that's why it's processing in Sydney. And thank you, gives me an idea that my application is not lost. So far two people I know, their application was lost and they waited a long time to contacted them back to let them know the application is missing or lost. Forgot to mention my wife also from Venezuela. Some are saying doesn't matter which country my wife from. Really on the information submitted.
  10. Hang in there! Its a long frustrating journey, but the end result is so so amazing this is what i focus on.
  11. One thing to remember as well, is that the GCKey is not always updated. My husbands background check is actually in progress since May , and nothing on GCkey to indicate this. I found out right now from the notes I ordered 40 days ago grrrr lol
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  12. yeah that is true cause mine just says application in process but im sure its still the background. I'm hoping our cases happen quick and we don't have to wait till the last 3 days lol cause I read some where here that has happened as well
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  13. I hope we are processed quickly these last 10 weeks....
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  14. Quick question for anyone....received gmcs notes today. Under Eligibility Assessment it says Review Required. Do you have an idea what this means? Thanks!
  15. Could be anything , does it say anywhere about recommended interview ?
    I ordered notes may 31 and I still have not received them . I emailed today asking where they were

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