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Mexico visa office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Wilfredo coste cedeño, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. CIC receieved my application on September 6 2018 and my application was transferred to Mexico on March 12, 2019(AOR2). Haven't heard from them since and I made an appointment with my MP this Monday.

    My wife is from Venezuela and her passport is about to expire. Literally impossible for her to get new passport from Venezuelan government. They haven't even emailed us if my wife need to renew passport or not. September 2019 will be 12 months and she needs to leave the country before November 2019. I really don't get how is that enough time to even complete the application if they ask for passport request at around August 2019 to October 2019.
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  2. December 2018 still waiting for a transfer to Mexico
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  3. Ouch.. 6 months from start is none sense.
  4. Gosh that they are late its not acceptable they really should think about semding 2019 to missisauga at the moment.
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  5. Wow .. ok heard tons of horrible stories about mexico vo's thats not reassuring, still if you know its there yoh should inquiry from webform of Mexico
  6. My lawyer sent a webform, but we haven't heard back yet. So this time I'm going to my local MP office. My friend had a bit of success fewbyear back with MP help. But that was after 12 months and also when they lost my friends application.
  7. 6 months for you so far? According to your profile? Have the GMCS notes been useful to you? I want to sign up for it but feel like it's waste of time now
  8. Just ordered them. Gonna see.
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  9. my app is February 2 2018 waiting for interview date. Everyone is getting one and I’m still waiting.....is anyone still waiting for a date??
  10. I dont think im gonna need that we are just not sent yet but
  11. last we heard is that they received are payment for biometrics since April nothing. And online it just says Medicals received and that was in March
  12. I don't have a date. January 2019 we applied heard nothing about an interview. Some folks are having interviews in July
  13. Can you tell me how you order notes?
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  14. What is the biometrics? And do all applicants need to do this? Or was this done during the medical request?
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  15. This is insane to me ... have you contacted CIC to see whether your file had been transferred? I received no notification at all about my file being transferred - ever. But awhile back I had called and they said they couldn’t give me any information because my file was already transferred to Mexico. If you haven’t called them then I would recommend giving them a shout and seeing what’s up. If you have already then yea!

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