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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Saraah, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. I received a request like proof of citizenship and/or search of citizenship records.I have applied for family sponsorship application and my file was transferred to los angeles for further reference.I want complete details regarding this document request the requested document screenshot is attached below for your reference. I tried calling cic but I am not getting any help what we have to do since I leave in USA and my application was submitted on September 10 2018
  2. Can’t see the image.

    Are you a Canadian citizen? How did you get citizenship? They are asking for proof that you are Canadian.
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    I am not a Canadian citizien. I just saw when I scrolled down under gckey but it’s not showing me on ecas. They gave me 2 option either continue or delete it. When I click under continue section there are form to fill my general information my name ,birth date , country.
  4. It's not at all clear what you have applied for. What kind of application have you submitted?
  5. For permanent residence I am just waiting for my background check they haven’t started my background check
  6. How have you applied for permanent residency? Through which program? You need to provide full details if you want help.
  7. I already mention above I am applied for permanent residence. I am a September 2018 applicant.Application Submitted Date = 10th september 2018.
    File transferred to los angeles = 6th february 2019
    file went under processed = 21th february 2019
    Country of birth India
    Currently staying in USA as f1
  8. You never answered our question.

    From your reply... I am guessing that you apply as a spouse. (your Canadian citizen or PR spouse is sponsoring you)

    If that's the case, having your file transferred to LA means a further look into your current status and your relationship.

    Again, what kind of document is IRCC requesting?

    Telling us that you apply for PR doesn't give us any more information. There are MANY ways to apply for PR.
    PNP, spousal, Express entry, skill worker, coming as dependent of PGP, sponsor by parents if you still qualified as their dependent and they declared you as non-accompanying when they applied for PR.....etc.
  9. BTW both proof of citizenship or search of citizenship records are for Canadian citizens to request a search of their official documents to show their citizenship.

    I don't see that applicable in your case. Do they have doubt of the citizenship status of your sponsor?
  10. I am trying to upload the image but it’s not letting me do that. My husbands is applying for me they ask for Proof of citizenship or search of citizenship record but I am Indian and staying in USA
  11. Then they want your husband’s proof of citizenship. What did you provide them as proof of that so far?
  12. He is not a citizen yet but he holding permanent residence
  13. Do you have cic customers service number that’s connect from USA so I can talk to them about it.
  14. Is your husband staying with you in US or is he living in Canada?
  15. No he is staying in canada

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