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May AOR 2017 - Join here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Have a question,

    In the above it is mentioned as Average time to PPR by Visa Office:

    so this time means after i submit my passport, the time it takes to get back right?
    else ??
  2. I've not received the invite, could you drop me the link please? Cheers.
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  4. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for this thread.

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  5. no, thats the time between you submit e-APR and get a PPR (passport request)
  6. Thanks Andy ;)
  7. Can you please tell more about the cancellation ? What was the reason given ?
  8. The application was rejected as incomplete because of one PCC that was not the correct one. IRCC required for that country a judicial record extracts and I submitted a good conduct certificate that was issued at the embassy. I just assumed that that was the correct one. I did not follow what was advised on IRCC website on how to obtain the PCC for that country.

    A piece of advise , for PCC, follow the recommendation of on IRCC website of the name of the document and the issuing authority. There might be many version of PCC for a country and for different use. so the one that you should get is specified on the IRCC website.
  9. That is unfortunate ! I wish in cases such as this the CIC should atleast reject the application right away rather than waste the applicants 2 months.

    Best luck.
  10. Hi Andy,

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  11. invite was sent a few hours back
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  13. Hi,

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  14. Hello everyone,

    Finally starting to track my process, I received ITA on March 24th and submitted e-APR on April 29th, AOR dated April 30th.
    Since it's a Sunday and last day of the month, I guess I'd rather join this May post ;D

    Has anyone received Medicals Passed yet?
    I'm guessing it will take longer given the number of ITAs and applications...
    Good luck everyone and let's share any updates in this post!
    Thank you!

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