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May AOR 2017 - Join here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. You are good with that PCC.
  2. Yes as i mentioned i asked it here before and someone told me that pcc from passport centre covers whole country. But my question is during at any stage of pcc they didnt ask me for the addresses where ever i lived so far in india. They are only considering one city where is my permanent address is.

    May be i am missing something here.
  3. Okays.. thanks a lot Maverick... :)
  4. That's right. The system is not perfect. Even for FBI PCC from US, it mentions that this report does not include any state or local crimes but still CIC accepts it. For Indian PCC issued by PSK, it has the name of Ministry of External Affairs, so CIC believes that alone should be fine.
  5. Humm... inguess then m ready to submit. Maverick thnx bro...
  6. Please add me for May 2017 AOR.
  7. invited!
  8. Please add me to the Whatsapp group as well.
  9. pls add me thank u!
  10. The PCC from any PSK is good for any addresses you might have lived in pan-India - but it (ideally) needs to be issued in your current address (not necessarily the permanent address listed on your passport.

    For eg. My current address is in Mumbai and my permanent one on the passport is from south India, but I got my PCC from Mumbai without having to apply for a change on my passport.) The process of issuing PCC from PSK includes police checks at your current state and the home state (if it is different).

    As far as CIC is concerned, they will accept the 1 certificate from the PSK regardless of your address history. If you take the PCC from a local police station, then you might need multiple PCCs as per what I have read on these forums. Others can confirm.
  11. I will submit my application/AOR after a week. I am going to book an appointment for medical soon.

    If you don't mind, please add me to what's app group.

    +1 for your efforts.
  12. Please add me to whatapp, thanks!
  13. Please add me to whatsapp group
  14. hi andy108! did not get anything.. is it in my inbox or..? thanks!

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