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May AOR 2017 - Join here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Starting thread for those who have AOR in May 2017 - please join for discussion and knowledge sharing.

    There is already a watsapp group for May AOR - please leave a request (dont share number, just a request saying: add me to watsapp) and i will send you an invite link.

    Below some information which you may find useful, this is based on the data pool of about ~500 PPRs covering period from Mid-2015 - to present day

    PPR Estimator:


    (source: https://myimmitracker.com/en/ca/trackers/consolidated-e-apr-tracker-express-entry-permanent-residency-application/analytics/ppr-date-estimtaor)

    Average time to get Meds Passed:


    (source: https://myimmitracker.com/en/ca/trackers/consolidated-e-apr-tracker-express-entry-permanent-residency-application/analytics/estimate-medical-passed-date)

    Average time to PPR based on Stream: :


    (source: https://myimmitracker.com/en/ca/trackers/consolidated-e-apr-tracker-express-entry-permanent-residency-application/analytics/average-time-to-a-ppr-based-on-the-stream)

    Average time to PPR by Visa Office:


    (Source: https://myimmitracker.com/en/ca/trackers/consolidated-e-apr-tracker-express-entry-permanent-residency-application/analytics/average-time-to-a-ppr-based-on-visa-office)

    Good luck!

    P.S If you find the thread and stats useful, please just click [GOOD]
  2. Please add me to Watsapp thanks.
  3. sent you an invite.
  4. Please send a link mate~
  5. Add me to group.pls
  6. Add me to the group please.
  7. invites sent!
  8. Please add me to the group
  9. invite sent
  10. Hello...
    one question.... In filling PR application after ITA, there is "personal activity" section which asks to list activity in past 10 years.
    It says also "list any organization you have supported, been a member of or been associated with at any time. Include any potential, social or student organization and professional associations".
    If I have been employed by private companies only, it means I should only provide last 10 years period not older than 10 year... yes?
    I mean being employed by a private company or the period of study, if it is for 15 years ago, do not need to be mentioned in this part.
    Please comment.
  11. Based on the above you seem to be right, however: if there is a wording which says: has served at any time. or similar then 10 years or 15 do not apply.
  12. [​IMG]

  13. Hello everyone m ready to submit my eAPR but there is one confusion.

    I got PCC from Passport Seva in India. I live in Ludhiana n my permanent address was always Ludhiana. But i worked in Chandigarh during 2011 2012. Now someone here told me to get PcC from Passport Seva Kendra as they cover the whole india. But during my PCC officials did not ask me anything about living or going out of city. When i asked them about my working period in Chandigarh and its pcc they said pcc always done at permanent address doesnt matter where you are living and in your case you lived in Chandigarh 6 years ago.
    M just confused now
    So is it correct or not.
  14. I am having déjà vu or you already asked it previously?

    The common understanding here on the forum seems to be that for India one PCC covers whole country (different case for Pakistan). However, let our Indian contributors comment on that.

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