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May 11th IELTS candidates let's meet here

Discussion in 'IELTS - CELPIP - TEF - TCF - Language Testing' started by Miky0807, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. I got what you mean by the personal

    The FSA insurance company flowchart had that

    Personal travel , travel to permanent workplace, business travel etc.
  2. Yes I remember - "permanent workplace" was the answer there
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  3. True because this is calculated as personal travel by both employers and insurance companies. As you need to do that to get a job anyway.

    work related or business travel is not routine travel and is not your own permanent workplace. It is something that you do specially but for work related purpose.

    Makes sense I guess
  4. It's true, the word MAY settles it. So paying less is possible
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  5. That’s right I saw a similar question in cambridge books. where all, everyone or anyone can do, is included in a statement and the question askes particularly for one group young, adult, children etc the answer is TRUE. They do so just to confuse you.
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  6. So far in Listening it looks like I have 3 errors that I am sure of, and there is also high chance that 2 more are also incorrect (here some people have different opinions, don’t know what’s right).
    Hoping that there is no more.
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    In my writing I had 2 arguments. One was supported with concrete examples and the other was not (unfortunately, I didn’t have time).

    This is my first attempt in IELTS. Do you think I having one of the points without examples will significantly affect the score? What should I expect?
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  8. How do you know, because I suppose that its missing some answers in listening yet?
  9. I don’t know. My point was - there are at least 5 potential mistakes already. I have no margin of safety at all
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  10. 5 of my answers are wrong and I know which ones Tourism/ economy I chose History, Farm i wrote forest, young adults I wrote secondary school children, minimise loss in business I chose a different option, poor handling I chose slow production All others are varified correct.

    I am just practicing more just in case I don’t get the desired score and have to write again. So don’t worry keep practicing
  11. I see! I had a lot of mistakes! At least 10! Ow gosh! I hope that all answers which are missing I have been successful !
  12. 9 bands are dedicated for different tools you used in writing grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, lexical resources etc don’t worry too much about ideas. its worth 1-2 band
  13. I have a problem that I couldn't manage to finish the conclusion the time finished also I mentioned my opinion in task 2
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    For the reading,how many Not Given do we have guys?
  15. No, "Must have finished the interview

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