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March 2019 TRV Online Application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ryzriela, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Yes from Abu Dhabi. And same time my eligibility started too
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  2. TRV applied online from India. Processing at Delhi.

    Applied: 19th March 2019
    Bio-metric Request : 20th March 2019
    Bio-metric Done : 21st March 2019

    No update since then. Is there anyone else with same kind of time line? and still waiting. I am really confused now.
  3. Hope for positive results best of luck friend
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  4. My case is the same.
  5. I submitted my passport today at Gerry Karachi and requested return via courier so Anyone has idea how long will it take for stamping and delivery ? just wanted to arrange tickets in 1st week of May.

  6. I applied on the 18th of March, bio metric on the 27th and on the 15th of April I received a letter of Correspondence saying:

    RE: validity of your biometric information Thank you for providing your biometric information (i.e. digital fingerprints and photograph) in support of your temporary resident application to Canada. The purpose of this letter is to notify you that your biometric information is valid until (yyyy/mm/dd) for subsequent temporary resident applications to Canada.
    What you need to know for subsequent temporary resident (TR) applications:

    • Please keep this letter for future reference. Your biometric information must be valid for the duration of your temporary stay in Canada. •
    • You will not be required to provide your biometric information again in support of any subsequent temporary resident applications you make within the validity date indicated above.
    • However, if you wish to extend the validity of your permit or visa beyond the validity date indicated above you can provide your biometric information again and pay the associated fee for another ten-year validity.
    • Please note that you will be required to provide your biometric information in support of any permanent resident application, even if you apply within the validity date indicated above. •
    • In addition to this letter, you can check the validity date of your biometric information using: your MyAccount at the Biometrics Validity Tool that is available on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s website
    • This letter is not a passport or travel document. You will not be permitted to board your flight without a valid passport or travel document, even if you have this letter with you.
    • This letter does not allow you to enter or remain in Canada. Eligibility and admissibility to Canada will be based on current Canada Border Service Agency procedures upon entering Canada. Sincerely,
    Can you tell me if I,m close to the approval or it is just a normal message that is delivered before the final decision regardless the decision will be positive or negative.
  7. Standard message before the decision. I am on the same boat
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  8. When did you receive your letter of correspondence?
  9. Yesterday at 5pm in dubai time
  10. Best of Luck dear friend :)
  11. Mother's TRV; Applied online - New Delhi

    Applied - 1st April 19
    Biometric Request - 2nd April 19
    Biometric done - 15th April 19
    Biometric update online (number, date and expiry) - 15th April 19

    What can she expect next? How long is the journey to PPR?

    Thanks :)
  12. Next is biometric letter then decision. Timeline depends on ur application
  13. Thank you!

    Her VFS tracking says "Visa application, tracking ID No. 2019XXXXXXXXXXXXX has been received at the NEW DELHI VAC on 2019/04/16 and is on transit to the IRCC Office in NEW DELHI ,for processing. "

    She plans to travel in mid-May. Let's see how it works out :)
  14. Link ur application to cic website by creating gckey there u can see ur real status of application. Vfs is just agent for collecting and delivering documents
  15. I have filed an online application for her. It was last updated when he got her biometric request. That's why I was curious as to when would I see an update next :)

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