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March - 2019 Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by YamPower, Feb 5, 2019.

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  3. Hi admin,

    Can you please add my name to the list? Here's my info:

    Type: Single
    Location: Calgary
    Time spent: 1117 days
    Application sent: 22-Feb-2019
    Application rcvd: 28-Feb-2019

  4. Sorry yours would fall under the Feb 2019 list, this one is the March 2019 list. I dont have admin access to Feb 2019 list.
    Can you please add your timeline into the Feb 2019 applications forum
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  6. Hello everyone,

    I came to Canada on spousal sponsorship in Nov 2015 and my citizenship time completed last month. I have few questions regarding citizenship application. I have completed my application and ready to send that just few questions;

    When I applied for my immigration I was working for company A. Later, I got another job at company B. Since there was no obligation to inform CIC about job switching I never mentioned it to cic.
    Now I am wondering if I mention my 2nd job in Q:10 of citizenship application would it raise any suspicion? Please guide me in this matter.
    Quick reply would be greatly appreciated so that I can send my application ASAP.

    Best Regards,
  7. Good Morning Everyone

    I'm back but this time for my wife.

    I got my citizenship in July 2017

    Single app
    Applying from Brampton
    She applied March 4
    PPC days 1524
    App is in transit should be there tomm

    But I think we messed up...we got pictures done from shoppers they stamped and dated the back but we forgot to put her name and signature on the back of the pics.

    What should we do now ? I think we are gonna get the app back...what should the next process be..can someone please advise

    I think do not add me to the spreadsheet just yet let's wait for the AOR or app back
  8. Hi,

    Just submitted our family application yesterday Mar 5, and supposed to be delivered on Mar 8.

    Family App: 4 (My self, spouse and 2 minors)
    Days: 1095
    Applying from: Mississauga, ON
    App Sent: Mar 5, 2019
    App Received: Mar 8, 2019 (Expected)

    Please add me to the tracking sheet.
  9. Done
  10. There is no requirement of keeping the same job or working two jobs or having a job.
    As long as you mention all the jobs/unemployment/study time over the 5 years of eligibility, it should be fine
  11. Hello @BathTdot - I dont think the photographer signature and sign is mandatory as long as the company stamps and put the date on. I took mine with costco they do not put the photographer sign at the back, I think you do need to write the name of the individual on each photograph.
  12. I couldn't find any reference where it says the company or the photographer needs to stamp on the back. The applicant can name the photo studio themselves (along with date it was taken, address of studio, name of applicant). See below

  13. My days area 1096 and my profile is like you Visit US like 4-5 times a year with multiple 2-3 days trip. Got my AOR as they check that before sending AOR. also you can see the US i94 report from the CBP website which will tell you all your trips. IRCC will also get a copy while verifying.


  14. Hey Guys,

    Thank you for the explanation Shopper Drug Mart Stamped the pics but my wife forgot to write her name on the back of the photographs. That is what the problem is :(

  15. Hi there! Butting in from August 2018 as i read your post and it’s similar situation as ours when we submitted it..

    I also forgot to put our names and signature at the back of our photos and i was worried they might send our application back to us, BUT THEY DIDN’T! it wasn’t an issue in our case... let’s hope yours will be the same...

    especially if it’s a single applicant, i don’t think it’s going to be an issue.

    *crossing fingers*

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