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March - 2019 Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by YamPower, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'll be applying in the first week of March. At that point I should have about 1,100 days of presence. Other than the straightforward stuff, is there anything we should be looking out for?

    P.S. I'd like to vote in the election in October but that I doubt it will be processed in time.
  2. Hi Yam, had similar timeline for PR as you & plan to apply mid March myself with 30 days buffer or so.
    Here are some of the reasons why applications were returned (took it from another post). This could be a checklist in itself for new applicants as something not to forget

    Also note that new Form CIT-002 has appeared this week on CIC website (updated Jan 2019), which rewords the confusing 9c question and police certificate required in case of 183 days or more in a row (vs previously was 183 days or more, it was assumed that 183 days was over multiple visits)

    1. no signature in the application form
    2. no signature in the physical presence form
    3. not writing the same date of application form and physical presence form
    4. not writing the SIN
    5. not writing full five years address and employment/school name
    6. not writing name of photo studio back of the photo and not dated & adding name of applicant
    7. not tax filed tax return last three years and not meet physical presence in Canada 1095 days
    8. if application is return question 3 in the form must say NO and write a cover letter why was return
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  3. Thank you cursor! Those are all things that could be easy to miss. I already have the form filled out but noticed that you're giving yourself 30 days of buffer. Why so long? I have 21 trips in my physical presence calculator (mostly to the US, I went on many two to three days trips for work) so should I give myself a bigger buffer than just the five days recommended? One thing I've done is to keep all (hopefully all) my boarding passes so I can prove when I left and when I got back.

    Also, for one trip I should have gotten back before midnight but got back after midnight so I put the date when I actually got back, right?
  4. I definitely think 5 days is a bit too close (personal opinion). Had 13 trips overall for 70 days or so. Though my calculations are correct, i would definitely give myself 30 days buffer (just in case). Plus gives me time to apply for 2018 tax early March. This is just my personal approach

    But given that you had 21 trips (things maybe overlooked, we are all human after all), i would strongly suggest you give yourself 2 weeks or so atleast (personal opinion). No harm in giving additional time of 2 weeks now vs finding out later down the line, that your days are wayyy too close to 1095 and losing few months to reapply etc.
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  5. hey guys , i like your peoactive approach and created this March 2019 applicants group, my case similar to yours but I get eligible in May 2019, as I have more than 60 work trips to US, but i am planning to apply for my wife and daughter in March.

    what you guys think, lets make our whats App group, we can all be added there who apply in March
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  6. I will say keep good buffer time in between will be good for you as you have multiples trips also if there is miscalculation then they will send your form back in1- 2 months.
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  7. Thanks for the advice! I'll wait a little longer and submit in Mid-March instead.

    Has everyone taken the pictures already?
  8. Take pictures few days before you send application.
  9. Will get a haircut next week and probably after that
  10. Ok great. I'm getting excited about the whole process.
  11. Lol. Am definitely excited to apply for Czship and the final good result (*cross fingers*). But not too keen on the one year emotional roller caster ride until the destination
  12. Yes! But after that the reward is we no longer have to be concerned about having the kind of full rights that we enjoy in our birth countries.
  13. Bump! Any more March 2019 applicants?
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  14. i was planning to send my wife and daughter application in march but i decided to send it in February, sent yesterday, hope their application gets processed fast this way i wont renew their PR cards but seems i will still renew it as I get eligible for citizenship in June

  15. Hi Yam,

    Big up! Lol. I would wait until after the test to do the pictures. I wasnt invited to do the test until about the 6 month mark after submitting my application and didnt do the oath ceremony until the 10 month mark after submitting my application. Your pics cant be more than 6 months old so I'd just wait until you're further in the process. My application was straightforward too with no trips outside Canada in the eligibility period.
    All the best.
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