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March - 2019 Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by YamPower, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Please I require assistance. As at today using the calculator , I would have spent 1,113 days meaning I am eligible for citizenship.

    But I am yet to file my tax for the 3rd year as I am yet to receive my T4 slip for 2018. Also I will need to wait till almost end of march to receive my 1st 60days RRSP contribution receipt to enable me file for tax towards end of March/ early April 2019.

    Can I go ahead to apply now since I will be filling my 3rd tax year by End of march/ early April or should I wait till I have filed the 3rd Tax year. Your response will be highly appreciated. Theres a portion of the form which requires me to indicate the years I have filed for taxes also can I go ahead to say I have filed for taxes for the 3rd when I will just be doing that towards the end of march / early april
  2. Good step to have this rolling before March. The change in the form too has helped to clarify the PCC issue.
  3. I dont understand your comments. Sorry.
    Its in the checklist of a Complete application to send 2 passport sized pics that are less than 6 months old
    i.e if a complete application is sent 01 March 2019, the picture attached with the 01 March application cannot be older than 6 months i.e. 01 Sep 2018. Note that you also have to put the date behind the picture. Your pictures cannot be older than 6 months at the time of application (not at the time of processing)

    Every application applied will have their pics older than 6 month once they start processing it anyways. As the processing time is around 12 months. Does that mean they will ask updated pics from every applicant. I think not. Did you not send your picture with the application too?
    Or did I completely miss what you said.
  4. Am in a similar position, but my plan is completely different that yours. I too am eligible today, but will hold off until I can submit my tax 2018 and then apply by mid Mar or so
    Yes, as per the application you can mark it as Yes to lodged (as by the time they process it, you would have applied it by then anyways)
    But in case something comes up (some complications with tax,personal situation etc and you are not able to lodge it), then your CIC application would still say Lodged. But you may have not actually lodged.

    CIC may return it back saying, incorrect/incomplete information. And you lose few months for it.
    So I rather wait, submit my tax first and then apply a complete package in peace (losing one month in process vs many). This is my thought process only. You may or may not choose to follow it.
  5. Hi guys,
    I intent to apply this March as well. Trying to collect the required documents. One of the requirements for my 6-years old child is two ids and one with photo!
    I have his health card without a photo but couldn't find any other id with photo. Is the biographical page of his passport is acceptable. I should already provide that. Are they looking for different id ?
  6. Yes for kids passport copy is a photo ID
  7. Big up! The checklist mentions including two (2) pictures so they must be included with the application. You want them to send back my application and make it take longer? Lol
  8. Just submitted my 2018 tax return this morning!
  9. My bad Yam Power lol. I thought you were referring to the pics for the passport. I definitely want you to have smooth sailing like I did. All the best.
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  10. Yeah that will have to be a different set of pictures. It will be such a freeing feeling to finally have a passport so I don't need visas to go to all the places I'm dreaming of.
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  11. Bump! Any other March 2019 people with tips or questions?
  12. Sorted the Tax 2018 and now just a waiting game until mid March
    Read a few posts where app was returned due to incorrect photos. Is there like a safe place to get photos? Am guessing Shoppers Drug Mart for now...
  13. I'm going to Pro Passport Photo next week. They have locations all over the place.


    Just got my NOA this morning!
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  14. Hello Everyone,

    Application completed and ready to be sent on Monday (March 04, 2019).

    Physical Presence at the time of application: 1095 days

    Wishing everyone a speedy process.

    Can someone share the spreadsheet for March applicants please?
  15. Costco, hands down! It’s the cheapest and most reliable (they follow all the CIC instructions very well).
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