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Manitoba PNP #2019

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by victorvicky333, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Congratulations
  2. Congratulations brother. Wish the same for the rest of group who are still pending.
    I have submitted additional documents on 15th May and still application status not updated. Hope to get update soon.
  3. Congratulations
  4. Draw 55, assessment in process since 28th may, no ADR & supporters call yet. Any idea why AIP takes so long?
  5. EOI submitted on: 9th July, 2018

    LAA received on Draw# 55 - SWO: 20th December, 2018

    Application submitted on: 15th January, 2019

    SPP2 submitted on: 15th January, 2019

    AOR received on: 21st February, 2019

    Application status: information requested on: 25th April, 2019

    Documents requested - PFL by email on 1st May,2019.

    Documents submitted - 15th May,2019.

    Application status not updated yet till 1st July,2019. Even supporter and friends not received any calls or interviewed.
  6. Thanks
  7. Thanks and good luck
  8. Hi everyone. I am new here. I want to know if I am to create an EE profile and MPNP EOI at same time or EOI first and no EE profile? Thanks in advance.
  9. If your score is ok. You can create two profiles EE and EOI but you have to select Manitoba only as your destination when you are creating EE profile.
  10. Thanks for responding to my query. Can I select Manitoba and Alberta as my destination in the EE profile? This is because I have work experience in the occupations that are in-demand in these provinces. Thanks!
  11. I scored 78 on the 100 grid
  12. If you will submit an EOI to Manitoba government you should Declare that you will live in Manitoba not any other province
  13. Submit EOI to MPNP first. Then, check draws every month and you will get LAA if you achieve the minimum score of selection. Finally, you will submit you full application
  14. Thanks so much. I will do that.
    One more question. My spouse and I have a child and we're expecting another soon. Can I put my dependents as 2 and update later for additional dependent after her delivery or just put 3?

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