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Manitoba PNP #2019

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by victorvicky333, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Hi
    Do we need specific formats for work experience letter, and if yes, what kind of format would it be?
  2. AOR Received to my supporter on 2nd May, 2019

    the current status is ;

    "Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program - Application submitted
    Application submitted
    MPNP Application Status: Received

    Your application has been submitted to the Government of Manitoba for consideration. If you have information you would like to update for your application, please do so below."
  3. Yes, I sent an inquiry to get details about the requested info and they send me email after few days and need me to provide some details about my friends and connection there.
  4. No fixed format. But, you have to provide all required details in your letter
  5. They send me a fairness letter to provide more details about my connection to the destination city that I would like to live in.
  6. No standard format. Only they need the details as mentioned in the mpnp website like job titl
  7. Hello Friends,

    I have Submitted my mpnp application.I have done interviwe, after i received the email from immigration and also my mpnp application status updated as "Information Requested".i have submited additional documents within dedlines.but my status is not chnaged.. Please help frineds.. any one have similar case..
  8. Are you in Manitoba or skilled Workers Overseas?
    Could you till me about the questions in interview?
  9. Are you in Manitoba?
  10. No, I am in india
  11. No I am in india
  12. How about your interview questions and answers?
  13. Will 551 points sufficient??
  14. H
    ow you calculate??
  15. Any update draw #59 ?

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