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Manitoba PNP #2019

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by victorvicky333, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Last draw for SWO was on 11th April with cut-off 561. It has never came down to 551 this year 2019, though it came to 519 last year in July 2018 when SWO EE was only 6 months old.

    So, it may come down to 551 but no one can guarantee. Keep finger crossed.

  2. Your question is not clear but one thing is clear that your consultant is misleading if he is advising you that you will get 200 additional points once your EOI (Expression of interest) is withdrawn for "LAA - letter of advice to apply".

    200 points will be given to you if you have close family relations in Manitoba. If you don't have any relative in manitoba, or education/job experience in Manitoba, do not even try for MPNP.

    Currently, there are different point systems for Canada immigration - I am not sure, which points & score are you are referring here.

    1) 67 point eligibility is for Federal Skilled worker program so you can submit Express Entry profile with IRCC - This is not for Manitoba province


    2) Comprehensive ranking system (CRS) will be the score which will be given to you once you are in Express entry pool


    3) 60 points is minimum requirement so you can submit your Expression of interest for MPNP


    4) MPNP EOI point grid is the system which will be followed by MPNP to draw you from pool of Skilled workers having ties with Manitoba


    Mainly, you read the point no - 4 which is about MPNP point system & you will have better idea.

    Please read it yourself & don't rely on any agent/consultant.
  3. not yet.. Same only application received
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  4. Hi Experts,
    Is it correct that those applicants with below 400 score under SWO mpnp, may not get any LAA?
    Unless the score will go down, right
    Anyone from this grp able to receive LAA through close friend or distant relative supporter?
    Thanks in advance!
  5. LAA was sent by MPNP based on score mentioned in each draw. So, try to increase your score to get a good chance to receive LAA.
  6. Draw 59
    Profile Created- 27 Dec 2018
    LAA - 22 Feb 2019
    Application Submitted - 10 April 2019
    Sp2 submitted - 18 April 2019

    Status - Recieved
  7. It takes some time to get status update maybe 3 months or more.
  9. Thanks for your inputs
  11. Hi maxxy26 - really your score is between 300-400 and got LAA
    May I ask if you can share your profile like
    Job/work experience/profession
    Is through friend supporter
    CLB 9 for language?
  12. WOW!!! You guys are doing a wonderful job here. i have learned a lot within this short time of joining this group and am still learning.
    Am currently tidying up on my documentations and preparations as well.
    Lots of questions coming up:):) Kudos... to all those responding to questions and giving recommendations. Wishing all prospective applicants and waiting applicants all the best.
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  13. Good day all I'm new here how do i apply for MPNP
  14. following this thread
  15. EOI Submitted (594 Points) - 10 December
    LAA Received (Draw 55) - 21 December
    Application Submitted - 5 February
    SP2 submitted by supportor - 20 February
    SP2 acknowledgement mail received - 21 March
    Assessment in process - 6 May
    Documents requested - 28 May
    Documents submitted - 5 June
    Documents requested PFL - 7 June
    Documents resubmitted - 11 June
    Assessment in pending - 15 June
    Supporter called - 19 June
    Assessment in process again - 22 June
    Assessment Complete - 28 June
    LOA (Nomination) - 29 June

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