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Manitoba PNP #2019

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by victorvicky333, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Can anyone please share what's app group for so I get update as I got LAA in draw #59.
  2. Any update for draw #59?
  3. Mine stîll same recieved!! What about you?
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    same here also..,
    i have a request for you, can you please add me in any whats app group of candidate for MPNP 2019? or we can make new group.
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  5. Hi there! I honestly don't think that's so important to choose Winnipeg or another place.The one thing is clear that Manitoba is afraid of your presence withing Manitoba.So, I mean that if you aren't going to move somewhere else than everything will work for you.
    Also, can you please inform me about your job offer. How long did it take to receive the job offer? Was it some overseas recruitment or just Skype calls?
    How long they were finalizing their decision and did it require to get LMIA?
    Thanks in advance
  6. Hello
    I am new here.
    I have a relative in Manitoba. I am about submitting EOI. When checking the draw history of Skilled workers overseas for Manitoba, I noticed they mostly invite those that have an occupation in their occupation in demand list.
    I am a dentist and not included in their occupation in demand list. However i have a relative there. Can i still get LAA?
  7. Hi there,
    Does anyone have idea about MPNP EOI ranking point grid factor 5 adaptability. As per rule, we can consider max 500 points for factor 5. So what if we want to consider both close relative and close friend in mannitoba, will they both have to submit a settlement plan or only close relative? Thoughts shall be appreciated.
  8. Hi guys! Anyone for draw 61?
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  9. Still we are checking draw# 55 & 56
  10. Don't know how trend for LAA is going for MPNP. 563 cut off in previous draw before I created my profile, and when next SWO draw happen, score jump to 599 all of sudden. So now hoping for draw to come down and preparing for adding extra points by retaking IELTS.
  11. What is your score..?
  12. 569
  13. For Manitoba express entry, do we need any connection or close relatives in Manitoba or they chose from EE profile?
  14. If you apply directly to MPNP, you required connection, either close friend or relative. If you apply through EE, they don't require close connection. However, they prefer mostly those who have connection.
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  15. Thanks for the reply. Can we select multiple provinces in EE profile?

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