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London, ontario citizen applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Rx221985, May 21, 2018.

  1. I totally get it. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is keep bugging them. May be contact your MP.
  2. Finally received my oath invite

    Oath date Jan 17th . Email received Jan 4th
    Decision made Dec 28th

    Wishing you all the very best
  3. Congratulations man! So happy for you. Which month did you apply?
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    Thank you

    App delivered Jan 12th 2018

    All the best to you
  5. Thank you! Congratulations again :D
  6. Are any applicants from month of February invited to the test yet?
  7. No idea man. People are MIA on this forum.
  8. In Process from May 02 (Applied in March 2018). No test invite yet. Depressing.
  9. Feb applicant here: the answer is no. Still waiting for the invite. I check my email and eCas every day. Still nothing. I had sent a webform not too long ago and only received a canned response in return.

    I presume that because abedi555 will be getting their oath done in 5 days from now, it might seem that I will get it soon; however, because it also seems like the London office is overworked and severely understaffed, I won't be surprised if I don't get it soon either.
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  10. I know it's depressing. We don't have many people from London on this forum. It will give us a better picture if we knew how timelines are for other people. I hope you get a test invite soon.
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  11. Hope you get test invite before your one year is up.
  12. Well, all the best! I do hope you get the test invite soon. Please update.

    After two years I decided to travel to my home country. I am leaving end of Feb. and will stay there for 5 weeks. I applied in Aug. 2018 and I know that it is too soon to get the test invite, however, I am worried that they ask for my fingerprints while I am out of Canada.
  13. If you tell them you'll be out of Canada, they shouldn't have you do the fingerprints. Although if they do, you should be able to do them at the Canadian consulate in your home country.
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  14. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, there is no Canadian consulate in my home country.

    I don't know if letting them know about my trip would change my timeline or not. I kinda prefer not to inform them to avoid any possible delays. The trip is only to visit my family.
  15. If you are out of country for more than a specific period of time you have to inform IRCC, no? I am not sure how long is that time though.

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