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London, ontario citizen applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Rx221985, May 21, 2018.

  1. hi , any one from london ontario who apply for citizenship in october or november 2017 then please share status.
  2. I applied on Oct 18 took test on Mar 09 decision made since April last week no oath invitation yet. what's your timeline
  3. It is for my parents and we applied on Nov 1 and in process from Jan 18 but no invitation for interview yet and i am worried that why it took long
  4. Sent application on Dec 12, In process since March 20,, still waiting for test invite....
  5. Application received Dec 8, 2017
    AOR: Jan 22, 2018
    IP: Feb 21, 2018
    Still waiting for Test Invite
  6. update: wife and I passed test and interview went fine yesterday.
    Polite interviewer checked all docs, tried to find most of the stamps and asked us to sign a document. differently from a few people, he did not cover the document at all. It was to state that all notes he took and all our answers were true.
    prohibitions form we took it signed as it was requested on the invite.
    he said that we should hear back for oath invite in 1 to 2 months.
    waiting for the DM on ecas and the oath invite
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  7. Any one got oath invitation yet? London is so slow. My friend parents in niagarafalls got interview done may 29 and same day got paper for citizenship oath and vot oath yesterday. How do we speedup process?
  8. London is soooooo slow.....
  9. IP since May 1st, applied Feb 9.

    London sure is taking a long while. There was one dude who got the Oath done already and he applied after me.
  10. Hi,

    Me and my wife did our test and interview on July 17. Still no invitation for oath. Anyone around the same timeline? Thanks.
  11. London is slow as hell. We're servicing all of southwestern Ontario, so no surprise.
  12. Has anyone had their test invitation?

    I've been in process since July...
  13. I live in london ontario. I applied on november 8/2017
    Had my test on august 21/2018
    My status is still in process.
    Is it normal ?!!!!
  14. My friend who lives in London had her test/interview on August 21st and took her oath on October 23rd.

    She had applied in October 2017.

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