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June applicants SDS

Discussion in 'International Students' started by rb8488, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. That i dont know i checked yesterday only. And I have also not got any msg or mail
  2. When did you submit your passport??
  3. I submitted in VFS Chennai. My GCKey was updated with counterfoil details so all is good. I have heard that after VFS sends the passport to Embassy; they delete the records. Since I got the counterfoil and opted for courier service, I think that is what they did.
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  4. Are they processing background check?
  5. I submitted in June and they are processing background check? Any update over your application?
  6. What is biometrics correspondence letter and my portal shows Biometrics June 28, 2019 Completed.
  7. After 49th day of applying visa online under SDS category, I finally got visa approval on 1st August IST 9.30 pm
    But sadly I'll have to defer as the University isn't extending beyond 6th August...
    Have submitted my passport for visa stamping Friday
    Hope you get your visa on time and don't have to defer.

  8. Congratulations bruh..... Deferring isn't a problem.. U will just get some extra time to spend some time happily with ur parents in ur home country and make all preparation to fly overseas but if u had not got reply from embassy then that's the issue I haventtgot my visa yet so I am really worried and hell sad
  9. I applied under SDS category on 10th July

    Biometric Done: 12th July
    Biometric Updated: 12th July
    Medical passed: 19th July
    Biometric Confirmation Letter: 28th July
    After that, there is no update. Can anyone suggest to me how many days should it take?
  10. have applied for my visa on 11th of July
    biometrics done on 17th July
    no updates in portal.

    ANY ONE who have their biometrics done after 15th july got opr?

    whats wrong with sds recently??

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