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June applicants SDS

Discussion in 'International Students' started by rb8488, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Hey there!
    I've applied for a visa under SDS online on 20th June
    Medical upfront - 12th June
    Biometrics completed - 24th June
    There isn't any update in my GC account! Nothing is changed in my gc account after biometrics enrollment! is there anyone who got their visa can help me? anyone applied visa before 20th June could tell me how long it'll take to get visa? i'm kinda concerned
  2. Dude I applied for visa on June 1st and biometrics submitted on June 4th and I am here still waiting..... It's been 35 days
  3. did you apply online/?
  4. did you send them web form or email or something?
  5. Yes I applied online sds
    I haven't sent any webform to ircc because my agent told not to do so
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  6. di
    did you apply for university or college?
  7. Let me know if you get any updates ! :eek: 35 days is really a concern whatever your agent says i think you still have to go for webform or ask Canadian High commission about your visa :eek: generally people get their visa around 19th or 20th day :\
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  8. There r many here waiting from May..... U can check in some threads.... Some 50 days,45 days, one guy even from 70 days
    Yaeh I agree u.... I think it's better I submit webform....if I get passport request I will definitely drop a comment here.... Please keep me updated with any changes in ur file bruh
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  9. UCW, vancouver, British Columbia
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  10. i've just checked processing time of regular study permit bro it shows 4 weeks and you already passed 35 days i don't think you have any other options than sending webform and im seeing forum too bro but there are lot of people here who got their visa on 19th or 20th day under SDS and why should you wait that longer ? let me know if you get any reply from webform!
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  11. Yaeh Bruh I will submit webform and let u know once if I get any updates
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  12. do
    do you think visa delayed because you applied for Private University?
  13. Hii guys
    I applied on 24 June and gave my biomatrix on 26 June with an updation. How much time does it takes and 14 june I did my medical.
    How much time does it take?? No updation after that.
  14. Are you going for undergraduate or graduate courses in Canada?
  15. Are you going for undergraduate or graduate courses in Canada?

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