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June applicants SDS

Discussion in 'International Students' started by rb8488, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Ohh alright! Congratulations tho☺☺
  2. Thank you brother!

  3. With names we get confused... Probably it is female lol
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  4. Congrats
  5. Haha youre right, but then again it doesnt really matter
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  6. I have confusion in the submission of my visa file,
    Which one is better online or offline? I am planning to apply in nonsds University category. All the documents are ready, GIC, and first semester fees paid. I have September intake and due to my last semester result, I am late. So please suggest me which one is best and fast. So that I get my visa earlier.
  7. You should have paid the entire year and gone for sds because that has the shortest processing time
  8. Any update
  9. Vaish any update for you bro ?

  10. No Bruh nothing.... Holding ma nerves and waiting..... Let's see when these people will wake up from sleep and showup.... Now it's like I am not so much excited to wait for this.... Everyday everyweek eagerly waiting for visa and it causes me a bummer.... On the other hand I get calls everyday from one person saying... Hey Bruh got approved.... Dude common when will I be approved damn it?? Lol
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  11. What abt u?? It's been how many days for u after biometrics ....mine is 47 days
  12. It’s my 16th day today after biometrics and there is no update whatsoever
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  13. I can understand your frustration. Keep your spirits high and remain positive. Also IMO consider the web form option . Take advice of seniors on this . ATB
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  14. Today u will get your result.
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  15. Agreed bruh

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