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June applicants SDS

Discussion in 'International Students' started by rb8488, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. no prob! is a letter from the university that states that i have cleared the conditions ,that exactely were to pass the ielts test and to verify my university results.
  2. All the best .. whr r u from ..? And today you get passport request .. u recieved any mail ..??
  3. Ah ok, thanks for replying bro. Did you apply under SDS online?
  4. thank you! Albania. Yes, 2 emails. one for the bio correspondence letter and one for passport request
  5. yes i did
  6. Okay thank you ..
  7. you're welcome!
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  8. Under SDS, right?
  9. He responded above that he applied under SDS online.
  10. okay.. Thanks bro. I am still waiting, my Biometric enrollment was on Jun 26th. So we have to expect more that 20 days, right?
  11. I think so. What is your profile?
  12. Applied for student visa, Georgian College for 2 yr diploma course. I have completed 3 yr diploma in CS and having more than 5yrs of exp. Do you think any risk in this? I am submitted one yr tuition fee, GIC, CA document for financial support, all work exp. documents without any gap etc..
  13. Can you pls share me the url you have checked? And you have used reference number or tracking id?
  14. Unfortunately consultant is saying that we can't track anything. :(
  15. Mine on 27th ..I'm also waiting ..

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